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-The Behavior of Asphalt Concrete between the Creep and Repetition Loading Tests under Confined Pressure徐登文-
-The Behavior of Asphalt Concrete between the Creep and Repetitive Loading Tests徐登文-
-The Behavior of Full-Scaled Composite Structures and the Analysis of the Cracks in the Concrete Slabs閻嘉義-
-Behavior of One-Dimensional Consolidation under Time Dependent Loading (II)徐登文-
-Cause Investigation and Improvement Strategy of Damaged and Undamaged High-Rise Buildings Due to 921 Chi-Chi Earthquake林其璋-
-Crack Evaluation and Damage Zone Identification of Reinforced Concrete Beams林宜清-
-Cyclic Behavior of Concrete Beams with Wire Fabric as Shear Reinforcement林建宏-
-Cyclic Behavior of High Performance Concrete Beams林建宏-
-Damage Assessment and Detection of Newly Placed Reinforced Concrete Structures under Earthquakes (II)顏聰; 林宜清; 鄭家齊-
-Developing a Digitized Concrete Slump Test System and a New Index for Flowability (II)顏聰-
-Development of New Nondestructive Technique for Measuring the Thickness of Concrete Plate-A Modification to ASTM C1383 (II)林宜清-
-Development of New Techinique for River Discharge Measurement (II)盧昭堯; 王傳益-
-Dynamic environment in the Ta-Chia River watershed after the 1999 Taiwan Chi-Chi earthquakeK.J.Shou; C.C.Wu; L.Y.Fei; J.F.Lee; C.Y.Wei-
-Dynamic Property and Damage Evaluation of Buildings Based on Earthquake Response Records林其璋; 吳文華-
-(Earthquake Spectra, 24(3):641-666)Dynamic Parameter Identification for Irregular Buildings Considering Soil-Structure Interaction EffectsC. C. Lin; J. F. Wang; C. H. Tsai
-Effect of Aggregate Gradation on Fatigue Performance of Asphalt Concrete Mixtures (III)徐登文-
-Effects of recycling agents on aged asphalt binders and reclaimed asphalt concreteLin, Ping-Sien; Wu, Tung-Lin; Chang, Chi-Wen; Chou, Bang-Yan-
-(Engineering Structures, 12(2):120-123 )An Approximate Method for Dynamic Analysis of Offshore Structures to Wave ActionM. T. Chang; C. C. Tung
-(Engineering Structures, 29(9):2143-2157)A Story Damage Index of Seismically-Excited Buildings Based on Modal Frequency and Mode ShapeJ. F. Wang; C. C. Lin; S. M. Yen-
-Experimental Study on Adjustable Tuned Mass Damper to Reduce Floor Vibration Due to MachineryM. L. Chang; C. C. Lin; J. M. Ueng; K. H. Hsieh; J. F. Wang-