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-Anachronistic Periodization: Victorian Literature in the Postcolonial Era or Postcolonial Literature in the Victorian EraCheng, Chu-chueh; 鄭朱雀-
-An Analysis of Ransom's 'Piazza Piece'董崇選; Tung, Chung-hsuan-
-Body and Technology in James Graham Ballard's CrashLin, Jiann-guang; 林建光
-Border Crossing and Global Governance:Reading Tropic of Orange on the BordersChen, Shu-ching; 陳淑卿 
-(Canadian Culture and Literature and a Taiwan Perspective. Ed. Totosy de Zepetnek and Yiu-nam Leung. Edmonton: U of Alberta:p209-p228)借道後現代主義的多元文化觀:側看Linda Hutcheon以及加拿大文學阮秀莉; Hsiu-Li Juan-
-(Canadian Culture and Literature and a Taiwan Perspective:p209-p228)借道後現代主義的多元文化觀:側看Linda Hutcheon以及加拿大文學阮秀莉; Hsiu-Li Juan
-Chic Clich�s:� the Reinvention of Myths and Stereotypes in Kazou Ishiguro's Novels鄭朱雀; Cheng, Chu-chueh-
-(Chung Hsing Journal of Humanities,33(2003):315-336)Remembering Chi-chi Earthquake in Taiwan: From Grand Narratives to Small Narratives.阮秀莉; Hsiu-Li Juan-
-Code at Work,Text at Play:Explorations of Digital Literature李順興; Shuen-Shing Lee-
-(A Collection of Speeches and Papers Delivered at the Sino-Canadian Conference on English Teaching and Knowledge Building:p032-p043)The Interlaced Poetics of Representation and Simulation:Explorations of Ergodic Literature李順興; Shuen-shing Lee-
-Cybernetics and Social Systems TheoryBergthaller, Hannes; Axel Goodbody; Kate Rigby
-Debating Indigenous Bodies as Museum Objects: The Literary Ensemble in Gordon Henry's The Light People阮秀莉; Hsiu-Li Juan-
-The Dichotomy of Imagination董崇選; Tung, Chung-hsuan-
-(dichtung-digital:journal fur digitale asthetik,35)How Do I Cool Down the Overheated Medium?:Reading Stuart Moulthrop's Hegirascope 2,'the most typical hypernovel'李順興; Shuen-shing Lee
-(dichtung-digital:journal fur digitale asthetik23)Explorations of Ergodic Literature:The Interlaced Poetics of Representation and Simulation李順興; Shuen-shing Lee
-(Digital Literature)Speak,'Memory': Simulation and Satire in Reagan Library李順興; Shuen-shing Lee-
-The Effects of "Peer Review" on Taiwanese ESL Learners' English Comgosition韋金龍-
-Exploring Native American View of the Sacred: A Glimpse by Way of Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK).阮秀莉; Hsiu-Li Juan-
-Fantasizing the Other Stories: Rushdie's and Erdrich's Narratives from the Margins阮秀莉; Hsiu-Li Juan
-The Father Influences on Stephen, the Artist董崇選; Tung, Chung-hsuan-