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-Applications of Partial Diffusion Equations for Image Processing施因澤-
-Availability Analysis of Systems with Detection Delay, Imperfect Coverage and Reboot Delay柯志斌; 王國雄-
-Bayesian Inference in Linear Mixed-Effects Models with Autocorrelated Multivariate t Eerrors林宗儀; 李昭勝-
-The Detection of Chromosomal Copy Number Aberration by Using Logistic Regression on Microarray Generated CGH Data陳齊康; 林良盈-
-Estimating Species Abudance from Spatial Occurrence Data黃文瀚-
-Library Service(II)喻石生 -
-Maximum Likelihood and Bayesian Inferences for Multivariate Skew T Mixture Models林宗儀-
-Monge Ampere方程式的新近似值法郭紅珠-
-Pde and the Rigorous Mathematical Theory of Dimensional Analysis郭紅珠-
-A Simultaneous Recurrent Neural Network Model of Genetic Regulatory Network-Identifying Target Gene Regulators from Time Series Gene Expression Data陳齊康-
-Some Generalized Limits on Banach Spaces and Its Applications(I)李源泉-
-Validity of Dynamic Models for Event-History Analysis吳宏達-
-具有一般分配起動時間之M/G/1 排隊系統並含有單一可移動及會故障服務者之最佳控制(II)王國雄-