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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-Authentic Equality, Poetic Justice and Positive Citizenship: Problems of Educational Fairness for "New Immigrant-Outsider" in Taiwan王俊斌; Chun-Ping Wang-
-Chet A. Bowers生態正義教育學之研究與實踐王俊斌-
-Deconstruction, Non-substantial Ethics, and Post(e)-Pedagogy王俊斌; Chun-Ping Wang-
-Deconstructive justice and tolerance for difference in moral education王俊斌; Chun-Ping Wang-
-Does a type A adolescent with fine character exist? From mental health perspectiveY. Hu; G. Hung; W. R. Tsay-
-Ecological Cosmopolitan and Civic Education:Taiwan's Problems Under Globalizing Condition王俊斌; Chun-Ping Wang-
-Effects of peer-assisted learning strategies for extensive reading on EFL high school studentsM. Shih; W. R. Tsay-
-Establishing professional growth group of math teachers to implement cooperative learning in junior high schoolW. R. Tsay-
-Extensive reading in EFL secondary curriculum in Taiwan:Creativity in initiatives and implementationsM. Shih; W. R. Tsay-
-Jacques Derrida解構教育學之研究王俊斌-
-Multicultural Education and Social Solidarity:The Puzzles of the Minimal Aboriginal Race and New Immigrants in Taiwan王俊斌; Chun-Ping Wang-
-Post(e)-Pedagogy and Teacher Education: Application of Derrida's Grammatology王俊斌; Chun-Ping Wang-
-A preliminary case study of school-based additive bilingual curricula in TaiwanW. R. Tsay; H. S. Weng; W. C. Ko
-STEM科系原住民學生科學基楚學科學習研究黃淑苓; 鍾楊聰-
-世界主義與共同責任意識--全球化狀況下的公民教育問題王俊斌; Chun-Ping Wang-
-中學教師電腦素養進階研習講義-Office 與網頁架設蔡文榮; 陳美蕙-
-(中正教育研究第07卷第2期, p037-p064)知識論述與主體構成--教育改革的系譜學分析王俊斌
-(中等教育第56卷第1期, p034-p051)人權,主體化,與道德教育王俊斌-
-(信息時代的未成年人道德教育國際學術研討會(Moral Education of Youths in the Information Age International Symposium)論文集, p181-p197)論何謂理想公民?-從理論的辯證到課程改革之比較分析王俊斌; Chun-Ping Wang-