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-98npe36c02-Development of High-Power Light-Emitting Diodes on GaN Templates武東星; 劉柏良; 林佳鋒; 馮哲川; 洪瑞華; 林得裕-
-Advanced Applications and Improvement of Optoelectronic Properties of Multi-Component Oxynitride Films upon High-Entropy Effect薛富盛-
-The Application of Coating Technique in the Optimization of Water Management of Pemfc薛富盛-
-Characteristics and Applications of High Wettability Membrane Electrode Assembly薛富盛-
-Characterization of Conductive Nitride Films Prepared by Physical Vapor Deposition Using Flowing Air呂福興-
-Co2-Assisting Innovative Process for Chemical Conversion Coating Treatment and the Multi-Functional Conversion Coatings on High-Purity Mg and Mg Alloy汪俊延-
-Design and Process Development of Back-Contacted Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells武東星-
-Development of Geometric Shape In-Homogeneity Dispersion Method for Nanomaterial Applications林江珍-
-Development of Low Programming Voltage/Current, Synchronous, and Multi-Leveled Phase-Change Random Access Memories何永鈞-
-Domain Wall Assisted Magnetization Reversal Process and Magnetoresistance of Perpendicular Anisotropic Fe/Fe-Pt Films蔡佳霖-
-Efficiency Analyzed and Fabricated System for Higher Efficiency InGaN Light Emitting Diodes林佳鋒-
-Electrochemical Deposition of Anti-Corrosive and Bioactive Coatings on Mg Alloys顏秀崗-
-Electrolytic Lini0.5mn1.5o4 Deposition for Thin Film Lithium Ion Battery Cathode顏秀崗-
-Epitaxial Growth of High-Indium and High-Aluminum-Content GaN-Based Semiconductors for Energy Optoelectronic Device Applications武東星; 馮哲川-
-Epitaxial Growth of High-Indium and High-Aluminum-Content Gan-Based Semiconductors for Energy Optoelectronic Device Applications武東星; 馮哲川-
-Fabrication and Characterization of Metal Silicide/Silicon Heterostructure Nanowires and Their Applications許薰丰-
-Fabrication and Characterization of Size-Controllable Metal Nanoparticles Coated on the Surface of Functional Group Containing Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Modified by Dendrimer吳宗明-
-Fabrication of High-Strength Al-Mg-(Si) Alloy Sheet for Lightweight Vehicles by Through-Width VI Bration Shear Rolling Process and the Investigation of Its Microstructure and Mechanical Properties汪俊延-
-The Fabrication of P-Type Amorphous Carbon Thin Films Using Reactive Radio-Frequency Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition and Their Applications for All Amorphous Carbon Thin Film Solar Cells薛顯宗-
-Fabrication the Nanodevices by Scanning Probe Lithography and Analying Their Properties (II)許薰丰-