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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-The Application of Chaos Theory to Classical Scattering, Transport and Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics (III)曾玄哲; 陳宏榮; 李秉政; 周建和; 林立-
-Biophysical Study of Circadian Rhythm in Cyanobacteria(III)阮俊人-
-Brazil Nut Effect in Granular Physics廖思善-
-Characteristics of High-Tc Superconductor Josephson Junctions Made by Irradiation Damage吳秋賢-
-Fabrication and Characteristics of Nano-Scale Josephson Junction Devices吳秋賢-
-Fabrication of Biological Nano-Scaffolds何孟書-
-Fabrication, and High-Frequency and Magneto Transport Properties of Quantum Nanoelectronic Devices (III)孫允武; 吳仲卿-
-Fluid Dynamics of Biological Chemosensors紀凱容-
-Infrastructure Project of Nanoscience and Technology Center in Taichung Area(II)李明威-
-Infrastructure Project of Nanoscience and Technology Center in Taichung Area(III)李明威-
-Library Service陳明克; 曾玄哲-
-Library Service(II)林立; 曾玄哲-
-Lipid Aggregate Mediated Biomolecules Subcellular Localization Study施明智-
-Probing Semiconductor Nanostructures by High Frequency Surface Acoustic Waves (III)孫允武-
-Probing the Excitations of the Luttinger Liquids孫允武-
-A Quantum Effect Study of C/sub 84/ on Si (111) Surfaces (II)何孟書-
-Resonant States in Positron-He+ System陳明克-
-Simulation of Biofilms阮俊人-
-Sol-Gel and Electron Beam Lithography Prepared Nano-Sized Materials斯頌平-
-The Study of Conduction Mechanism of Fast Ionic Conductor and Micro-Sized Battery斯頌平-