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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-Development of a Scraping Shovel with Movable Flanks in TaiwanL. Hsieh; K. Hsieh; C. Cheng-
-Development of a Transplanting System for Straw Like Tissue Culture PlantletsL. Hsieh; J. Luan.-
-Effect of polydimethylsiloxane surfaces silanized with different nitrogen-containing groups on the adhesion progress of epithelial cellsWu, Ching-Chou; Yuan, Chia-Yin; Ding, Shinn-Jyh
-Effects of alpha-Amylase and Glycerol Levels on the Composition Optimization of Poly(beta-hydroxybutyrate-co-valerate)/Starch Blended Biodegradable Resin Analyzed with Response Surface MethodologyCheng, Wen-Yen; Peng, Jinchyau; Lui, Wai-Bun-
-Energy Methods for Model Reduction in the Dynamics and Control of Large Structural SystemsC. W. Cheng-
-(Journal of Agricultural Machinery, 13(1):001-015)Trajectory Angles and Cultivating Dynamics for Tiller BladeJain-Song Ju; Jia-Miin Luan; Ching-Wei Cheng
-A Novel Non-Destructive Technology for Inspecting Eggshell Cracks Using Impulsive Response TimeLi, Chung-wei; Chang, Jui-chun; Cheng, Ching-wei; Hsieh, Li-cheng-
-The open container-used microfluidic chip using IrO(x) ultramicroelectrodes for the in situ measurement of extracellular acidificationWu, Ching-Chou; Lin, Wei-Cheng; Fu, Shih-Yu-
-Optimization of the Process Variables for the Synthesis of Starch-Based Biodegradable Resin Using Response Surface MethodologyHong, Fu-Liang; Peng, Jinchyau; Lui, Wai-Bun-
-(Proceedings of International Symposium on Automation and Mechatronics of Agricultural and Bioproduction Systems,02:500-506)Development of a variable rate fertilizer for the rice fieldHsieh, L.; J. Luan; K. Hsieh; M. Chou-
-(Trans. ASAE,45(2):369-377)Kernel handling performance of an automatic quality inspection systemYe Nu Wan-
-(Trans. ASAE,45(2):379-384)Rice quality classification using an automatic grain quality inspection systemYe Nu Wan; C. M. Lin; J. F. Chiou-
-(Trans. ASAE,46(4):1161-1166)Determination of textural indices of guava fruit using discriminative analysis by impact forceMinhsien Yen; Ye Nu Wan-
-(中華生質能源學會會誌第17卷第3-4期,p063-p070)應用共振頻率預測芒果堅實度指數模式之探討陳添福; 鄭經偉; 艾群-
-(中華生質能源學會會誌第22卷第1-2期,p007-p016)近紅外線光譜檢測青椒生長之研究許伯偉; 陳澤民; 萬一怒-
-(中華農業氣象第4卷第1期,p035-p043)通風口覆蓋防蟲網對錏管溫室內溫度之影響黃裕益; 鄭經偉; 翁郁凱
-串連式堤壩型血漿血球分離晶片及其製造方法吳靖宙; Wu, Ching-Chou; 歐俊廷; Ou, Chun-Ting
-(九十年農業機械論文發表會論文摘要集,p072-p073)電子示波器應用於引擎進汽門洩漏偵測之研究林洲世; 謝禮丞
-(九十年農業機械論文發表會論文摘要集,p246-p248)條狀組織培養苗分殖系統改良之研究周欣鋒; 謝禮丞
-(八十九年農業機械論文發表會論文摘要集,p057-p058)起重機支撐樑支應力分析陳玉銘; 謝禮丞