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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-(21st Workshop on Combinatorial Mathematics and Computation Theory:114-118)Prediction of Specific 70-mer Oligonucleotide with Neural Net work ModelLiu CC; Chen WS; Horng G; Chen JJW; Chang PC
-(Adv Clin Chem., 45:199-223)Pathophysiology of tumor-associated macrophagesYuan A; Chen JJW; Yang PC-
-Aggregation-induced emission enhancement characteristics of naphthalimide derivatives and their applications in cell imagingLin, Hsin-Hung; Chan, Yung-Chieh; Chen, Jyun-Wei; Chang, Cheng-Chung-
-An alternative import pathway of AIF to the mitochondriaChiang, Shu-Fen; Huang, Chih-Yang; Lin, Tze-Yi; Chiou, Shiow-Her; Chow, Kuan-Chih-
-(Am. J. Respir. Cell Mol. Biol., 32:540-547)Autocrine and Paracrine Regulation of IL-8 Expression in Lung Cancer CellsYao PL; Lin YC; Wang CH; Huang YC; Liao WY; Wang SS; Chen JJW; Yang PC
-(Am. J. Respir. Crit. Care Med., 169(10):1135-1143)Differential Gene Expression in Gram-Negative and Gram-Positive SepsisYu SL; Chen HW; Yang PC; Peck K; Tsai MH; Chen JJW; Lin FY
-Analysis of MITF expression and its downstream genes in lung cancerSung-Liang Yu; Jeremy J.W. Chen; Su-Chin Chiu; Hsang-Yu Chen; Pan-Chyr Yang
-Analysis of NGF expression and its biological role in lung cancerSung-Liang Yu; Te-Jen Su; Jeremy J.W. Chen; Pan-Chyr Yang
-Anti-inflammatory Gene Expression Profile by Theophylline in Macrophage THP-1Pei-Li Yao; Yi-Chen Lin; Meng-Feng Tsai; Jeremy JW Chen; Pan-Chyr Yang
-The Application of Microfluidic Biomedical Optoelectronic Sensing System to the Establishment of the Standard Operation Protocol for Antibody-Linked Immunofluorescence Assay and GFP Detection林季千-
-Baicalein inhibits tumor migration and invasion by modulating cell adhesion and declining RhoA pathway in highly invasive non-small-cell lung cancer cellsChen W; Chen H; Yu S; Yu C; Juan Y; Lee J; Ho C; Chen H; Chen JJW; Yang CJ; Yang P-
-(Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, 334:996-1003)EMP-1 Is a Junctional Protein in a Liver Stem Cell Line and in the LiverLee HS; Sherley JL; Chen JJW; Chiu CC; Chiou LL; Liang JD; Yang PC; Huang GT; Sheu JC
-Biologic effects of four VEGF isoforms on the in vivo vascular perfusion and morphology of tumor-associated angiogenesis in non-small cell lung cancer-evaluated by MRIAng Yuan; Chen Chang; Huei-Tsu Huang; Jeremy J.W. Chen; Kwen-Tay Luh; Yung-Chie Lee; Chong-Jen Yu; Pan-Chry Yang
-(Blood, 104:1025-1033)Syndecan-1 Upregulated by Ephrinb2/Ephb4 Plays Dual Roles in Inflammatory AngiogenesisYuan K; Hong TM; Chen JJW; Tsai WH; Lin MT
-(BMC Bioinformatics, 08:164)Genome-wide identification of specific oligonucleotides using artificial neural network and computational genomic analysisLiu CC; Lin CC; Li KC; Chen WSE; Chen JC; Yang MT; Yang PC; Chang PC; Chen JJW
-(Cancer Cell, 13:048-057)MicroRNA Signature Predicts Survival and Relapse in Lung CancerYu SL; Chen HY; Chang GC; Chen CY; Chen HW; Singh S; Cheng CL; Yu CJ; Lee YC; Chen HS; Su TJ; Chiang CC; Li HN; Hong QS; Su HY; Chen CC; Chen WJ; Liu CC; Chan WK; Chen WJ; Li KC; Chen JJW; Yang PC
-(Cancer Research, 67:4816-4826.)Synergistic Activation of the Tumor Suppressor, HLJ1, by the Transcription Tactors YY1 and Activator Protein 1Wang CC; Tsai MF; Dai TH; Hong TM; Chan WK; Chen JJW; Yang PC
-Characterization of the protein-protein interaction between HLJ-1 and interacting proteinsChang ZP; Yang PC; Chen JJW-
-(Clin. Cancer Res., 09:729-737)Up-regulation of Tumor Interleukin-8 Expression by Infiltrating Macrophages: Its Correlation with Tumor Angiogenesis and Patient Survival in Non-Small Cell Lung CancerChen JJW; Yao PL; Yuan A; Hong TM; Shun CT; Kuo ML; Lee YC; Yang PC
-(Clin. Cancer Res., 11:8070-8078)Transcription Repressor Slug Promotes Carcinoma Invasion and Predicts Outcome of Patients with Lung AdenocarcinomaShih JY; Tsai MF; Chang TH; Chang YL; Yuan A; Yu CJ; Lin SB; Liou GY; Lee ML; Chen JJW; Hong TM; Yang SC; Su JL; Lee YC; Yang PC