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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-An Automatic Telephone Transfer System Based on the Location-Awareness Technology王丕中 -
-DNA相關的字對研究喻石生 ; 趙有光; 蕭鴻貴-
-Efficient Steganographic Algorithms for Three-Dimensional Models王宗銘 -
-An Energy-Saving Data Broadcast Mechanism Based on Location Prediction for Mobile Databases with Skewed Access Frequency賈坤芳-
-A Fast Distortion-Free Data Hiding Method for High Dynamic Range Images and Its Application to Image Encoding吳俊霖 -
-Fusion, Segmentation and Automatic Indexing for Magnetic Resonance Images黃博惠-
-On Efficiently Search and Compute over Encrypted Data and Their Applications洪國寶-
-On Group Rekeying Approach for Secure Multicast洪國寶-
-Problem-Aware Resource Selection Policies in Computational Grids林偉 -
-The Progressively Focusing Search-A More Controllable New Metaheuristics曾怜玉-
-RTL Testing for SoC王行健-
-Special Techniques on Medical Image Automation-Image Retrieval by Visual Contents and Image Authentication Using Digital Watermarks(I)黃博惠-
-The Study of a Provably Secure Authenticated Access Control (I)詹進科 -
-A Study of Efficient Texture Synthesis Algorithms王宗銘 -
-以封包分析及資料串流挖掘強化無線網路之安全性廖宜恩 -
-兼具高效能與低功耗特性之混合型內容定址記憶體(CAM)設計張延任 -
-即時線上自我修復架構(I)黃德成 -
-台灣共通語言之軟體工具余明興 -
-國語文轉音系統中韻律段的求取余明興 -
-多重內嵌式記憶體自我維修架構設計黃德成 -