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-14C-adenine 拼入 free cytokinins 在白光與黑暗下正發芽的玉米胚董敏生; 陳柏衣; 徐希世; 楊其曄
-2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid Soaking Promotes Rooting in Stem Tip Cuttings of Hypericum PerforatumLu, Chen-ting; Sung, Jih-min; Chen, Chung-li
-2,4-D對綠豆芽生長之影響洪登村; 彭昌祜
-2018臺中花博舉辦地環境地形先期調查:利用無人飛行載具與空載光達技術Yu-Shen Hsiao; Bo-Hsien Su; Da-Xian Zhuang; Su-Chin Chen; 蕭宇伸; 蘇柏軒; 莊大賢; 陳樹群
-A+Design+on+the+Dimmable+Circuit+and+the+Control+of+Illuminating+Intensity+Simulation+in+an+Impedance+Measurement+Platform+for+Botanical+TissueXu, Meng-Yi; 徐孟義; Wu, Guan-De; Chen, Tse-Min; 吳冠德; 陳澤民
-A+Preliminary+Establishment+of+Simply+Equipped+3D+Fruit+Sorting+System+with+Remote+Monitoring+by+Using+Photonic+ElementsFu, Chen-Kuo LuoWei-Ting; 羅振國; Chen, Tse-Min; 傅偉庭; 陳澤民
-A+Study+on+Core+Competence+of+Rootstalk+Vegetable+Producers+Based+on+the+Value+Chain+ModelChen, Tzy-Ling; 陳姿伶
-Absorption+of+Various+Heavy+Metals+by+Hydroponic+Water+SpinachTsen, Jeng-Horng; 曾政鴻; Su, Chia-Chun; King, V.An-Erl; 蘇家俊; 金安兒
-Adenine, Isopentenyladenine與Zeatin對蕹菜及水稻幼苗生長的不同影響董敏生
-The Age-Stage, Two-Sex Life Table with an Offspring Sex Ratio Dependent on Female AgeHuang, Yu-Bing; Chi, Hsin
-Analysis of competitive strategy with local production and local consumption organizations in TaiwanBi-Kun Tsai; Tang-Ping Chen; Hsiao-Yuan Lu; Chi-Ming Hsieh; 蔡必焜; 陳唐平; 呂筱媛; 謝奇明
-The Analysis of Production Efficiency on the Application of Agricultural Facility to Produce Vegetable in TaiwanSheng-Ying Peng; Jong-Wen Wan; Shang-Ho Yang; 彭聖瀛; 萬鍾汶; 楊上禾
-Analysis of the growth characteristics of stands and diameter classes for Taiwania (Taiwania cryptomerioides) plantations based on two repeated survey data of permanent sample plotsZheng-Rong Lin; Chao-Huan Wang; Tian-Ming Yen; 林政融; 王兆桓; 顏添明
-Analysis of Valuation Methods of Multifunctionality Benefits in AgricultureWan-Yu Liu; Pei-Yu Liu; 柳婉郁; 盧佩渝
-Analysis+to+the+Consumer+Segments+of+Fresh+Kumquat+Promotion-In+the+Case+of+Kumquat+Production+in+Yilan+CountyHuang, Li-Chun; 黃麗君; Wann, Jong-Wen; Chen, Sy-Woei; 萬鍾汶; 陳思瑋
-Application of Machine Vision of Hatching Eggs Images of Research曾國豪; 陳鴻毅; 鄭經偉; Guo-Hao Zeng; Hung-Yi Chen; Ching-Wei Cheng
-Application of Non-thermal Ultrasonic Technology in Food Extraction and FermentationChun-Yao Yang; 楊珺堯
-Application+of+Fern+Chips-Charcoal+Composite+Boards+for+Orchid+CultivationHsu, Yu-Min; 許育民; Chang, Chia-Wei; Lu, Kun-Tsung; 張家偉; 盧崑宗
-Applying Strategic Planning Theory to Explore the Organizational Strength of the Credit Departments of Farmers' Associations in TaiwanLiu, Chun-chu