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-Allelopathic effects of bracken fern (Pteridium aquilinum L. Kuhn) in TaiwanH.H.Wang; B.J.Chen; L.M.Hsu; Y.M.Cheng; Y.J.Liou; C.Y.Wang-
-Characterization of satellite CentC repeats from heterochromatic regions on the long arm of maize B-chromosomePeng, Shu-Fen; Cheng, Ya-Ming-
-Comparisons of alpha-amylase inhibitors from seeds of common bean mutants extracted through three phase partitioningH.H.Wang; C.L.Chen; T.L.Jeng; J.M.Sung-
-Confidence interval procedures for proportions estimated by group testing with groups of unequal size adjusted for overdispersionLiu, Shih-Chia; Chiang, Kuo-Szu; Lin, Cheng-Hsiang; Deng, Ting-Chin-
-Cost analysis in choosing group size when group testing for Potato virus Y in the presence of classification errorsS.C.Liu; K.S.Chiang; C.H.Lin; W.C.Chung; S.H.Lin; T.C.Yang-
-Genetic diversity in NaN3-induced common bean mutants and commercial varieties detected by AFLPC.L.Chen; H.H.Wang; T.L.Jeng; S.J.Chuang; M.L.Wei; Min, Sung Jih-
-Impacts of the herbicide butachlor on the larvae of a paddy field breeding frog (Fejervarya limnocharis) in subtropical TaiwanLiu, Wan-Yi; Wang, Ching-Yuh; Wang, Tsu-Shing; Gary, M.Fellers; Lai, Bo-Chi; Kam, Yeong-Choy-
-(J. Agric. Forst.,50(3):055-065)Analysis of genetic distance among four Glycine species collected from Taiwan:Revealed by DNA polymorphismsLin,T.K.; S.T. Wu; T.K. Hu; F.S. Thseng-
-Probability of detecting nematode infestations for quarantine sampling with imperfect extraction efficacyChen, Peichen; Liu, Shih-Chia; Liu, Hung-I; Chen, Tse-Wei; Chiang, Kuo-Szu-
-中草藥(魚腥草)之遺傳多樣性胡澤寬; 張韋琮; 蕭振杰
-(中華農學會報第02卷第2期,p149-p164)噴施激勃素(GA3)拯救落花生種間雜交子房柄及胚發育胡澤寬; 柯金存; 溫英源-
-(中華農學會報第03卷第1期,p020-p036)落花生種間雜交之育種研究I. 植物生長調節劑促進種間雜交種子形成及其雜種之鑑定胡澤寬-
-(中華農學會報第03卷第3期,p201-p215)落花生幼齡子房柄的體外培養IV. 添加抗壞血酸與酪素水解物對莢果形成及胚發育之影響洪崇文; 胡澤寬-
-(中華農學會報第03卷第5期,p397-p410)落花生種間雜交之育種研究II.種間雜種F1形成未減數配子之細胞學研究及其F2之變異胡澤寬; 黃詵富-
-(中華農學會報第04卷第1期,p030-p045)落花生種間雜交之子房柄的體外培養胡澤寬; 洪崇文-
-(中華農藝第10卷第3期,p173-p183)落花生栽培種(Arachis hypogaea)與野生種(A. villosa)種間雜種F1之扦插繁殖胡澤寬; 郭麗君-
-(中華農藝第10卷第3期,p185-p197)落花生種間雜種結實之改進II.不同雜交組合雜種之生殖特性李月足; 胡澤寬-
-(中華農藝第11卷,p097-p107)落花生幼齡子房柄的體外培養I. kinetin及抗壞血酸對莢果形成及胚發育之效應胡澤寬-
-(中華農藝第11卷,p109-p116)落花生幼齡子房柄的體外培養II. 蔗糖含量及添加Glutamine對子房柄先端生長反應之影響張玉群; 胡澤寬-
-(作物,環境與生物資訊第02卷,p267-p281)水稻抗病及防禦反應基因的全基因組分析王子明; 胡澤寬; 王強生