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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-(1999 International Conference on Physical Education and Sport for the Physical Education of R.O.C., Disabled:p052-053)The optimal throwing angle estimation of 1986 world hammer record holderC.H. Chiu-
-(2000 Pre-Olympic Congress Book of Abstract, p397)Effects of incremental maximal exercise on liver function in patients with chronic hepatitisH. C. Huang; J. C. Lin
-(2002 ASPES International Conference Taipei Program & Abstracts, p072)The relationship between low-intensity exercise and hepatic parameters among chronic hepatitis patientsH. C. Huang; J. C. Lin-
-(2002 ASPES International Conference Taipei:p064)Estimation of male and female world record holders' optimal throw in discusC.H. Chiu-
-(2002 Taipei International Symposium on Exercise and Health Program & Abstracts, p136)Effects of high-intensity running exercise on hepatic parameters in healthy hepatitis B carriersH. C. Huang; J. C. Lin-
-(2002年體育.健康與休閒發展趨勢研討會專刊,p214-p221)教練領導行為與滿意度之相關研究王耀聰; 馬君萍-
-(2002年體育.健康與休閒發展趨勢研討會專刊,p222-p229)大專籃球選手知覺教練領導行為,團隊凝聚力與滿意度之相關研究馬君萍; 王耀聰-
-(2003 Taipei International Symposium on Exercise and Health Program & Abstracts, p136)Effects of Different Intensity Running Training on Aerobic Capacity In Young Hepatitis B CarriersH. C. Huang; C. C. Sun-
-(2003 台灣運動教育學會學術研討會論文集,p268-p277)籃球運動員教練領導行為,知覺運動動機氣候,團隊凝聚力與滿意度的相關研究王耀聰; 馬君萍-
-(2004 Symposium of Sports and Physical Education:p125)The kinematical analysis and comparison of basketball,volleyball,football,baseball,tennis,and table TennisC.H. Chiu-
-(2004 Taiwan Society of Biomechanics in Sports:p088-089)The development of applied computer software for the analysis of javelin throwC.H. Chiu-
-(2005 Symposium on International Development:p305-309)The development of the physical fitness testing software for children aged 4 to 6Chiu, C.H.; Chuang S.L.-
-(2006體育運動學術團體聯合年會論文摘要集,p056)不同身體質量指數對健康體適能差異之研究許家得; 黃憲鐘; 李書維-
-(2006體育運動學術團體聯合年會論文摘要集,p057)單次高強度跑步運動對健康B型肝炎帶原者血液指數的影響黃憲鐘; 許家得; 王正松-
-(90年度運動醫學學會運動大會暨學術研討會大會手冊,p043)慢性肝炎者在不同強度下運動對人體各項生理指數變化之研究林正常; 黃國晉; 黃憲鐘-
-Adult fitness measuring and exercise prescription generating apparatus李素箱; Su-Shiang Lee; 邱靖華; Ching-Hua Chiu-
-Apparatus and Method of Measuring Momentum of Inertial of Human BodyC. H. Chiu-
-The Apparatus for Anatripsis of Human Acupuncture PointsC. H. Chiu-
-Apparatus for Human Incorrect Motion Feed BackC. H. Chiu-
-Apparatus for Positioning Center of Gravity of Human Body and Method for Performing the SameC. H. Chiu-