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-100年度 [生鮮即食及截切蔬果病原菌汙染衛生情形評估研究]委託辦理計畫溫曉薇; 周鳳英-
-101 年度農產資源科學學門規劃研究推動計畫顏國欽-
-(Advances in Plant Lipid Research, p586-p590)Identification of Δ5-desaturase from Mortierella alpina by heterologoUSA expression in baker'S yeast and canolaD. Knutzon; J.M. Thurmond; Y.-S. Huang; S. Chaudhary; E.G. Bobik; G.M. Chan; S.J. Kirchner; P. Mukerji-
-AGE-Induced Interference of Glucose Uptake and Transport as a Possible Cause of Insulin Resistance in AdipocytesWu, Chi-Hao; Huang, Hsiao-Wen; Huang, Shang-Ming; Lin, Jer-An; Yeh, Chi-Tai; Yen, Gow-Chin-
-Anti-enterovirus 71 activity screening of Taiwanese folk medicinal plants and immune modulation of Ampelopsis brevipedunculata (Maxim.) Trautv against the virusHsu, Hsing-Wen; Wang, Jen-Hsien; Liu, Chaio-Li; Chen, Chin-Shuh; Wang, Yuan-Chuen
-Anti-inflammatory Effect of the 5,7,4 '-Trihydroxy-6-geranylflavanone Isolated from the Fruit of Artocarpus communis in S100B-Induced Human MonocytesLin, Jer-An; Fang, Song-Chwan; Wu, Chi-Hao; Huang, Shang-Ming; Yen, Gow-Chin-
-Antiosteoporotic Effects of Lactobacillus-Fermented Soy Skim Milk on Bone Mineral Density and the Microstructure of Femoral Bone in Ovariectomized MiceChiang, Shen-Shih; Pan, Tzu-Ming-
-Antioxidant properties of Antrodia camphorata in submerged cultureSong, Tuzz-Ying; Yen, Gow-Chin-
-Antioxidant properties of methanolic extracts from Grifola frondosa, Morchella esculenta and Termitomyces albuminosus myceliaMau, Jeng-Leun; Chang, Chieh-No; Huang, Shih-Jeng; Chen, Chin-Chu-
-Antioxidant properties of polysaccharides from Ganoderma tsugaeTseng, Yu-Hsiu; Yang, Joan-Hwa; Mau, Jeng-Leun-
-Antioxidant properties of several commercial mushroomsYang, Joan-Hwa; Lin, Hsiu-Ching; Mau, Jeng-Leun-
-Antioxidant properties of several medicinal mushroomsLin, Hsiu-Ching; Mau, Jeng-Leun; Chen, Chin-Chu-
-Antioxidant properties of several specialty mushroomsMau, Jeng-Leun; Lin, Hsiu-Ching; Song, Si-Fu-
-Aspergillus carneus M34發酵技術於農業及中草藥廢棄物轉化多元化代謝產品及生物能源之探討方繼-
-Aspergillus Niger CH-42單寧脢之特性化及在提升茶飲料機能性上之應用陳錦樹-
-Blood lipid profiles and peripheral blood mononuclear cell cholesterol metabolism gene expression in patients with and without methotrexate treatmentChen, Der-Yuan; Chih, Hui-Min; Lan, Joung-Liang; Chang, Hsin-Yueh; Chen, Wei-Wen; Chiang, En-Pei Isabel
-Characterisation of the chemical composition and in vitro anti-inflammation assessment of a novel lotus (Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn) plumule polysaccharideLiao, Chun-Huei; Guo, Su-Jen; Lin, Jin-Yuarn-
-(Conjugated Linoleic Acid: Biochemical, Nutritional, Clinical, Cancer and Methodological Aspects@, p327-p339)Effect of conjugated linoleic acid on polyunsaturated fatty acid metabolism and immune functionM. Sugano; M. Yamasaki; K. Yamada; Y. S. Huang-
-(Current Microbiology, 47(2):102-108)An Antifungal Chitinase Produced by Bacillus cereus with Shrimp and Crab Shell Powder as a Carbon SourceW. T. Chang; C. S. Chen; S. L. Wang-