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-26-methoxycholesta-1,4-dien-3-one 抑制黑色素瘤細胞存活的活性分析洪琪雅; Chi-Ya Hung
-The 3 '-terminal sequence of Bamboo mosaic virus minus-strand RNA interacts with RNA-dependent RNA polymerase and initiates plus-strand RNA synthesisChen, I.H.; 蔡慶修; Lin, J.W.; Chen, Y.J.; Wang, Z.C.; Liang, L.F.; Meng, M.H.; Hsu, Y.H.; Tsai, C.H.; 徐堯煇; 孟孟孝-
-Bacillus stearothermophilus 6-磷酸葡萄糖異構酵素-A中活化中心之酸性氨基酸的功能分析林華洋; Lin, Huayang-
-Bacillus subtilis 6-磷酸葡萄糖異構酵素中影響熱穩定性之主要胺基酸的探討蘇致安-
-Biochemical characterization and antifungal activity of an endo-1,3-beta-glucanase of Paenibacillus sp isolated from garden soilHong, T.Y.; 孟孟孝; Meng, M.-
-Characterization and directed evolution of polyphenol oxidase Tfu_1114 from the actinomycetes Thermobifida fusca陳弘軒; Hung-Shuan Chen
-Characterization of the AdoMet-dependent guanylyltransferase activity that is associated with the N terminus of bamboo mosaic virus replicaseLi, Y.I.; 徐堯煇; Chen, Y.J.; Hsu, Y.H.; Meng, M.H.; 孟孟孝-
-The Cloning and Application of 1,3-.beta.-Glucanase from Bacillus sp.孟孟孝-
-The Cloning and Application of the Coding Gene of Β-1,3-Glucanase from Bacteria孟孟孝-
-Comparing methods for identifying Bacillus strains capable of producing the antifungal lipopeptide iturin AHsieh, F.C.; 孟孟孝; Lin, T.C.; Meng, M.; Kao, S.S.-
-Construction of potential unmarked gene deletion mutagenesis systems and selection of regulable promoters used in Rhodococcus equi羅昱文; Yu-Wen Luo
-Critical residues for GTP methylation and formation of the covalent m(7)GMP-enzyme intermediate in the capping enzyme domain of Bamboo mosaic virusHuang, Y.L.; 徐堯煇; Han, Y.T.; Chang, Y.T.; Hsu, Y.H.; Meng, M.S.; 孟孟孝-
-The crystal structure of a multifunctional protein: Phosphoglucose isomerase autocrine motility factor neuroleukinSun, Y.J.; 孟孟孝; Chou, C.C.; Chen, W.S.; Wu, R.T.; Meng, M.S.; Hsiao, C.D.-
-The crystal structure of phosphoglucose isomerase/autocrine motility factor/neuroleukin complexed with its carbohydrate phosphate inhibitors suggests its substrate/receptor recognitionChou, C.C.; 孟孟孝; Sun, Y.J.; Meng, M.S.; Hsiao, C.D.-
-Disruption of 3-ketosteroid 9α-hydroxylase B subunit gene resulting in the accumulation of androstadienedione in sterol-containing medium by Rhodococcus equi葉津杏; Chin-Hsing Yeh
-The effect of isocitrate dehydrogenase on Bamboo mosaic virus replication in Nicotiana benthamiana艾瑋苹; Wei-Ping Ai
-Effects of inherited mutations on catalytic activity and structural stability of human glucose-6-phosphate isomerase expressed in Escherichia coliLin, H.Y.; 孟孟孝; Kao, Y.H.; Chen, S.T.; Meng, M.-
-EGCG與Theaflavin影響人類肺癌細胞(A549、H838)中貼附蛋白之表現量周玉萍; Chou, Yu-Ping-
-Expression, purification, and crystallization of two isozymes of 6-phosphoglucose isomerase of Bacillus stearothermophilusHsiao, C.D.; 孟孟孝; Chou, C.C.; Hsiao, Y.Y.; Sun, Y.J.; Meng, M.-