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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-Analyzing Consumer's Intention for Purchasing Local Specialty Online李慶亞; Ching-Ya Lee
-Index Portfolio Construction Based on Fuzzy Goal Programming蔡宜璋; Tsai, Yi-Jhang-
-The Influence of Employees'' Satisfaction after Organizational Change Based on the Critical Perspective: A Case of Company M吳珊珊; Wu, Shan-Shan-
-Interdisciplinary research of options theory and management information systems Review, research issues, and suggestions for future researchWu, L.C.; 巫亮全; Wu, L.H.; Wen, Y.F.-
-Observe Enterprise's Process of Product Development from SSME perspective-A Case Study施全富; Shih, Chuan-Fu-
-A Study on Behavioral Intention to Use Healthcare Application for Making Appointment許元潔; Yuan-Chieh Hsu
-Supplier selection under uncertainty: a switching options perspectiveWu, L.C.; 巫亮全-
-Using Consumer Complains and Service Blueprint to Improve Hotel Service Process - A case study王良根; Wang, Liang-Ken-
-Using TRA Model to Analysis Exchange Student's (In Taiwan) Knowledge Sharing Behavior溫迦勒; Chia-Le Wen
-What Are the Factors Influencing People to Use Third Party Payment Service?-Empirical Study Based on UTAUT Model Integrated with Perceived Risk林俊毅; Jiun-Yi Lin
-以修改版的UTAUT2模式探討Chromecast的使用者意願吳逸凡; Yi-Fan Wu
-以量化模型解釋企業資源規劃投資─在收益和成本皆不確定下劉芳銘; Liou, Fang-Ming-
-以銷售預估模型及實質選擇權探討研發彈性規劃:以生物晶片公司為例吳建佑; Wu, Cheng-Yo-
-企業資源規劃系統導入與企業績效關係之探討陳坤利; Chen, Kun-Li-
-使用服務科學之觀點探討服務流程改進-以烘焙業 S 公司為例Ting-Ya Liang; 梁婷雅
-便利性、相容性以及媒體豐富性如何影響使用者對電子書的使用意圖張智彥; Chang, Chih-Yen-
-利用計畫行為理論探討台灣綠色工作者購買有機食品的意願譚振中; Tan, Chen-Chung-
-基於蟻群演算法之基金投資組合設計許元達; Hsu, Yuan-Da-
-多市場之ETF推薦系統-追蹤美國S&P 500及NASDAQ 100指數巫亮全-