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-Analysis of the biosynthesis genes and chemical components of the capsule of Avibacterium paragallinarumWu, J.R.; 張伯俊; Chen, P.Y.; Shien, J.H.; Shyu, C.L.; Shieh, H.K.; Chang, F.; Chang, P.C.-
-Baculovirus as an avian influenza vaccine vector: Differential immune responses elicited by different vector formsChen, C.Y.; 張伯俊; Liu, H.J.; Tsai, C.P.; Chung, C.Y.; Shih, Y.S.; Chang, P.C.; Chiu, Y.T.; Hu, Y.C.; 劉宏仁-
-Cloning of the gene and characterization of the enzymatic properties of the monomeric alkaline phosphatase (PhoX) from Pasteurella multocida strain X-73Wu, J.R.; 張伯俊; Shien, J.H.; Shieh, H.K.; Hu, C.C.; Gong, S.R.; Chen, L.Y.; Chang, P.C.-
-Complete nucleotide sequence of avian paramyxovirus type 6(APMV-6) isolated from ducksP.C.Chang; M.L.Hsieh; J.H.Shien; D.A.Graham; M.S.Lee; H.K.Shieh-
-Complete nucleotide sequences of S1 and N genes of infectious bronchitis virus isolated in Japan and TaiwanShieh, H.K.; 張伯俊; Shien, J.H.; Chou, H.Y.; Shimizu, Y.; Chen, J.N.; Chang, P.C.-
-Construction and characterization of capsule gene knockout mutants of Avibacterium paragallinarum杜姿億; Tzu-Yi Tu
-Detection of proteins and nucleic acids of Newcastle disease virus in Eimeria acervulinaWu, H.Y.; 邱繡河; Chiou, S.H.; Shien, J.H.; Chang, P.C.; Shieh, H.K.; 張伯俊-
-Detection of Proteins and Nucleic Acids of Newcastle Disease Virus in Eimeria acervulinaH.Y.Wu; S.H.Chiou; J.H.Shien; P.C.Chang; H.K.Shieh-
-Development and Application of Diagnostic Techniques for Animal Diseases張天傑; 楊平政; 劉振軒; 黃千衿; 王孟亮; 費昌勇; 陳石柱; 鄭明珠; 曾浩洋; 張伯俊; 邱賢松; 林永昌; 賴秀穗; 龐飛; 蔡信雄; 劉宏仁; 胡仲祺-
-Development of a polymerase chain reaction procedure for detection and differentiation of duck and goose circovirusChen, C.L.; 張伯俊; Wang, P.X.; Lee, M.S.; Shien, J.H.; Shieh, H.K.; Ou, S.J.; Chen, C.H.; Chang, P.C.-
-Development of blocking ELISA for detection of antibodies against avian influenza virus of the H7 subtypeShien, J.H.; 張伯俊; Fu, L.F.; Wu, J.R.; Cheng, M.C.; Shieh, H.K.; Chang, P.C.-
-Development of Monoclonal Antibody-Based Competition ELISA for the Identification of Avian Influenza Virus of H5 Subtype謝快樂; 溫國蘭; 張伯俊-
-Development of Rapid Diagnostic Methods for Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Viruses謝快樂; 沈瑞鴻; 張伯俊-
-Development of Rapid Diagnostic Techniques for Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza謝快樂; 張伯俊; 李龍湖; 沈瑞鴻-
-Dual expression of the HA protein of H5N2 avian influenza virus in a baculovirus systemHu, Y.C.; 張伯俊; Luo, Y.L.; Ji, W.T.; Chulu, J.L.C.; Chang, P.C.; Shieh, H.; Wang, C.Y.; Liu, H.J.; 劉宏仁-
-Efficacy of recombinant subunit vaccines in protection of mice against challenge with Pasteurella multocidaShieh, H.K.; 張伯俊; Wu, J.R.; Chang, P.C.-
-Expression of Infectious Laryngotracheitis Virus (ILTV) Glycoproteins in Escherichia coli and Their Application in Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent AssayP.C.Chang; K.T.Chen; J.H.Shien; H.K.Shieh-
-Extracellular autoprocessing of a metalloprotease from Streptomyces cacaoiP.C.Chang; Y.H.Lee-
-Functional Analysis of CdtABC Toxin from Avibacterium paragallinarum and Its Application 
to Vaccine Development林佳君; Chia-Chun Lin
-Genetic and antigenic characterization of foot-and-mouth disease viruses isolated in Taiwan between 1998 and 2009Lin, Y.L.; 張伯俊; Jong, M.H.; Huang, C.C.; Shieh, H.K.; Chang, P.C.-