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-The Effect of Plants on Preschool Children's Attention in the Classroom洪茂鳳; Mao-Feng Hung; 張俊彥; Chun-Yen Chang
-The Influence of Respondents' Natural Perception and Psychophysical Responses翁珮怡; Pei-Yi Weng; 張俊彥; Chun-Yen Chang
-The Influences of Restorative Environment on the EEG,EMG,BVP and Psychological Responses張俊彥; Chun-Yen Chang; 陳炳錕; Ping Kun Chen
-The Influences of Visitors' Eco-Tourism Cognition on the Sensitivity of Environmental Impact in Recreational Areas張俊彥-
-The Influences of Visitors' Eco-tourism Cognition on Their Environmental Impact Sensitivity周巧玲; Chiao-Ling Chou; 張俊彥; Chun-Yen Chang
-Psychophysiological Benefits of Landscapes-Studies of Mountain,Water,Forest,Park,and City洪佳君; Chia-Chun Hung; 張俊彥; Chun-Yen Chang
-The Relationship between Patch Structure Indices and Bird Diversity江彥政; Yen-Cheng Chiang; 張俊彥; Chun-Yen Chang
-Rural Residents Attitude on the Ecological Engineering Works-A Study張俊彥-
-A Studies on Landscape Aesthetic Affects of National Park in Taiwan張俊彥; Yen-Hsi Li; 歐聖榮; 李彥希; Sheng-Jung Ou; Chun-Yen Chang
-The Study of Landscape Psychophysiology張俊彥-
-A Study on Application of Landscape Ecological Analysis in Watershed ManagementSun, Ming-Te; 孫明德-
-A Study on the Different Environmental Conscious Residents to Their Cognitions and Expectations of Air Pollution Reduction張俊彥-
-A Study on the Ecological Effects of Hedgerow Corridors in Rural Area張俊彥; Chun-Yen Chang; 周彥瑜; Yen-Yu Chou
-不同景觀型態對生心理反應之影響:一個對肌電值及注意力恢復能力之研究萬麗玲; Wan, Li-Ling-
-不同景觀空間類型之眺匿涵構比較研究柯嘉鈞; Ko, Chia-Chun-
-中興大學土地利用之地景變遷廖亞禎; 馮豐隆; 張俊彥
-以度假生活型態區隔台灣潛在休閒住宅市場之研究江奇真; Chiang, Chi-Chen-
-以支應性理論探討環境屬性與使用者行為關係之研究鄭佳美; Cheng, Chia-Mei-
-以景觀生態及景觀生心理探討永續環境之研究江彥政; Chiang, Yen-Cheng-
-以景觀生態觀點建立水資源永續管理策略之研究張俊彥; Rackow, Graefe Alan; Edgar, Hammitt William-