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-Fluorinated benzoxazines and the structure-property relationship of resulting polybenzoxazinesLin, C.H.; 林慶炫; Chang, S.L.; Lee, H.H.; Chang, H.C.; Hwang, K.Y.; Tu, A.P.; Su, W.C.; 張厚謙-
-(-)-N-Formylanonaine from Michelia alba as a human tyrosinase inhibitor and antioxidantWang, H.M.; 張厚謙; Chen, C.Y.; Ho, M.L.; Chou, Y.T.; Chang, H.C.; Lee, C.H.; Wang, C.Z.; Chu, I.M.-
-Quantification of porcine skin permeability in transdermal diffusion with a numerical modelChang, H.C.; 張厚謙; Wu, S.S.; Wang, Y.F.; Wang, H.M.-
-Recovery and enhancement of unsaturated fatty acids in soft-shelled turtle fish oil using supercritical carbon dioxide and associated catalase release activityChang, L.H.; 張傑明; Shen, C.T.; Hsieh, S.J.; Hsu, S.L.; Chang, H.C.; Chang, C.M.J.; 張厚謙-
-The Role of Drug Molecular Structure on Transdermal Delivery Processes Exemplified by Salicylic Acid and Acetylsalicylic Acid王怡芳; Wang, Yi-Fang-
-A two-dimensional diffusion model quantifying intracellular transport with independent factors accounting for cytosol viscosity, binding, and steric hindranceChang, H.C.; 張厚謙; Lin, Y.C.; Kuo, C.T.-
-丙二醇甲醚之純化程序設計與最佳化研究Ming-Wei Lin; 林明緯
-二氧化碳及甲烷在高分子複合薄膜中之滲透係數定量研究Kuan-Tung Lin; 林冠同
-以Michaelis-Menten機制模擬軸突內物質的主動傳輸林義珉; Lin, I-Ming-
-以二維擴散模型模擬溶質分子在均相中之質傳模式鄭培琳; Jeng, Pei-Lin-
-以二維數值模型模擬細胞的擴散及調整空間立體障礙效應與結合機制郭哲庭; Kuo, Che-Ting-
-以二維數學模型和三維數學模型模擬橢圓與球形細胞內的擴散機制賴昱維; Lai, Yu-Wei-
-以二維數學模型模擬多邊形細胞內被動傳輸與結合機制之關係鍾允廷; Yun-Ting-Chung-
-以二維數學模型模擬微針矩陣經皮吸收的擴散San-Jie Jhou; 周三傑
-以二維數學模型模擬細胞內的擴散與結合機制林彥菖; Lin, Yen-Chang-
-以共聚物為抑制劑進行通孔填孔電鍍銅配方開發温士誼; Shih-I Wen
-以噴流電鍍裝置探討銅沉積效應之模擬研究任容萱; Rung-Hsuan Ren
-以強制對流降低車內溫度之模擬研究林伯軒; Lin, Po-Hsuan-
-以強制對流降低車內溫度之模擬研究林伯軒; Lin, Po-Hsuan-
-以模糊理論建立預測經皮滲透係數的最佳化模型楊浚與; Yang, Chun-Yu-