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-The Evapo-transpiration Rate of the Major Cover Crops for OrchardH.Y.Tsai; 張双滿; S.M. Chang; 蔡鴻一-
-Experiment of Vegetative Barrier Spacing on Slopeland Orchard王孝才; H.T. Wang; 張双滿; 程仲武; 鄭慶生; S.M. Chang; C.W. Cheng; C.S. Cheng-
-Observation A Runoff and Soil Loss on Individual BasinM.C. Liao; 廖綿濬; W.C. Wang; S.M. Chang; 張双滿; 王武彰-
-果園主要覆蓋作物之蒸發散量張双滿; S. M. Chang; 蔡鴻一; H. Y. Tsai
-果園敷蓋與覆蓋作物之研究 第二報:坡地柑橘園覆蓋作物與敷蓋之水土保持效益張双滿; C.S. Cheng; 鄭慶生; S.M. Chang-