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-Antiviral effect of dehydroepiandrosterone on Japanese encephalitis virus infectionChang, C.C.; 張嘉哲; Ou, Y.C.; Raung, S.L.; Chen, C.J.-
-ATF3 在 Prodigiosin 誘發之細胞凋亡中所扮演的角色彭昱達; Peng, Yu-Ta-
-Cadmium biosorption by polyvinyl alcohol immobilized recombinant Escherichia coliKao, W.C.; 張嘉哲; Wu, J.Y.; Chang, C.C.; Chang, J.S.-
-CD30 is involved in inhibition of T-cell proliferation by Hodgkin's Reed-Sternberg cellsSu, C.C.; 張嘉哲; Chiu, H.H.; Chang, C.C.; Chen, J.C.; Hsu, S.M.-
-Cdk5/p35蛋白對於雄性激素接受器功能調控及攝護腺癌細胞增生所扮演的角色曾群富; Tseng, Chun-Fu-
-CIRP: it's regulation by genotoxic stresses and its implication in cancer cell invasion翁任萱; Weng, Ren-Shiuan-
-Clinical Parameters Associated With Unsatisfactory Specimens of Conventional Cervical SmearsLu, C.H.; 張嘉哲; Chang, C.C.; Chang, M.C.; Chen, S.J.; Jan, Y.J.; Fu, T.F.; Ho, E.S.C.-
-Comparative immunoproteomics of identification and characterization of virulence factors from Helicobacter pylori related to gastric cancerLin, Y.F.; 張嘉哲; Wu, M.S.; Chang, C.C.; Lin, S.W.; Lin, J.T.; Sun, Y.J.; Chen, D.S.; Chow, L.P.-
-High-throughput avian molecular sexing by SYBR green-based real-time PCR combined with melting curve analysisChang, H.W.; 張嘉哲; Cheng, C.A.; Gu, D.L.; Chang, C.C.; Su, S.H.; Wen, C.H.; Chou, Y.C.; Chou, T.C.; Yao, C.T.; Tsai, C.L.; Cheng, C.C.-
-High-throughput gender identification of accipitridae eagles with real-time PCR using TaqMan probesChang, H.W.; 張嘉哲; Gu, D.L.; Su, S.H.; Chang, C.C.; Cheng, C.A.; Huang, H.W.; Yao, C.T.; Chou, T.C.; Chuang, L.Y.; Cheng, C.C.-
-IFN-γ基因表現和多型性在肺結核和敗血症患者的關係黃玉姍; Huang, Yu-Shan-
-Imiquimod simultaneously induces autophagy and apoptosis in human basal cell carcinoma cellsHuang, S.W.; 張嘉哲; Liu, K.T.; Chang, C.C.; Chen, Y.J.; Wu, C.Y.; Tsai, J.J.; Lu, W.C.; Wang, Y.T.; Liu, C.M.; Shieh, J.J.; 謝政哲-
-An improved PCR method for gender identification of eaglesChang, H.W.; 張嘉哲; Chou, T.C.; Gu, D.L.; Cheng, C.A.; Chang, C.C.; Yao, C.T.; Chuang, L.Y.; Wen, C.H.; Chou, Y.C.; Tan, K.Y.; Cheng, C.C.-
-Let-7b-mediated suppression of basigin expression and metastasis in mouse melanoma cellsFu, T.Y.; 張嘉哲; Chang, C.C.; Lin, C.T.; Lai, C.H.; Peng, S.Y.; Ko, Y.J.; Tang, P.C.; 唐品琦-
-Let-7b於小鼠子宮內膜細胞與黑色素腫瘤細胞中對Basigin與細胞生理的功能分析傅子彥; Fu, Tzu-Yen-
-Localization effect on the metal biosorption capability of recombinant mammalian and fish metallothioneins in Escherichia coliKao, W.C.; 張嘉哲; Chiu, Y.P.; Chang, C.C.; Chang, J.S.-
-Metformin之抗大腸癌效應與機制探討楊書宜; Yang, Shu-Yi-
-Metformin抑制肝癌細胞株增殖效應機制之探討歐陽瑋婷; Yang, Wei-Ting Ou-
-Nuclear Kruppel-like factor 4 expression is associated with human skin squamous cell carcinoma progression and metastasisChen, Y.J.; 陳全木; Wu, C.Y.; Chang, C.C.; Ma, C.J.; Li, M.C.; Chen, C.M.; 張嘉哲-