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-Assessing the recharge process and importance of montane water to adjacent tectonic valley-plain groundwater using a ternary end-member mixing analysis based on isotopic and chemical tracersTsung-Ren Peng; 彭宗仁; Wen-Jun Zhan; Lun-Tao Tong; Chi-Tsun Chen; Tsang-Sen Liu; Wan-Chung Lu-
-Assessing the source descriptions of bottled deep-sea drinking waters by chemical and isotopic approachesWen-Jui Liang; 梁文睿
-Assessment of terrestrial factors controlling the submarine groundwater discharge in water shortage and highly deformed island of Taiwan, western Pacific OceanPeng, T.R.; 彭宗仁; Chen, C.T.A.; Wang, C.H.; Zhanc, J.; Lin, Y.J.-
-Comparison of Groundwater Quality between Agricultural and Urban Regions of Ming-Jian, Nantou范家華; Tsang-Sen Liu; 劉滄棽; 林毓雯; 朱戩良; 陳琦玲; 董奇矗; 彭宗仁; Yu-Wen Lin; Chien-Lian Chu; Chia-Hua Fan; Chi-Ling Chen; Chi-Chu Tung; Tsung-Ren Peng
-Discrimination of Geographical Origin of Asian Garlic Using Isotopic and Chemical Datasets under Stepwise Principal Component AnalysisLiu, Tsang-Sen; Lin, Jhen-Nan; Peng, Tsung-Ren; 彭宗仁-
-Evaluating the Relative Importance of Groundwater Recharge Sources in a Subtropical Alluvial Plain Using Tracer-Based Ternary End Member Mixing Analysis (EMMA)Peng, Tsung-Ren; Huang, Chun-Chun; Chen, Jui-Er; Zhan, Wen-Jun; Chiang, Wei; Chang, Liang-Cheng; 彭宗仁-
-Identification of groundwater sources of a local-scale creep slope: Using environmental stable isotopes as tracersPeng, T.R.; 彭宗仁; Wang, C.H.; Hsu, S.M.; Wang, G.S.; Su, T.W.; Lee, J.F.-
-Identification of sources and causes of leakage on a zoned earth dam in northern Taiwan: Hydrological and isotopic evidencePeng, T.R.; 彭宗仁; Wang, C.H.-
-Identification of the origin of salinization in groundwater using multivariate statistical analysis and geochemical modeling: a case study of Kaohsiung, Southwest TaiwanLu, H.Y.; 彭宗仁; Peng, T.R.; Liou, T.S.-
-Source Study of Seepage in Xin-Shan Reservoir, Keelung: Results of Stepwise Multiple Regression Method彭宗仁; Tsung-Ren Peng; 黃鎮豐; 陳文政; 周士鈞; Chen-Feng Huang; Wen-Cheng Chen; Shih-Jiun Chou
-Stable Hydrogen and Oxygen Isotope Study on Groundwater (I)彭宗仁-
-Stable isotopic characteristic of Taiwan's precipitation: A case study of western Pacific monsoon regionPeng, T.R.; 彭宗仁; Wang, C.H.; Huang, C.C.; Fei, L.Y.; Chen, C.T.A.; Hwong, J.L.-
-Study of stable isotopes for highly deformed aquifers in the Hsinchu-Miaoli area, TaiwanLu, H.Y.; 彭宗仁; Peng, T.R.; Liu, T.K.; Wang, C.H.; Huang, C.C.-
-Temperature and hydrological variations of the urban environment in the Taipei metropolitan area, TaiwanWang, C.H.; 彭宗仁; Lin, W.Z.; Peng, T.R.; Tsai, H.C.-
-Temperature and hydrological variations of the urban environment in the Taipei metropolitan area, Taiwan (vol 404, pg 393, 2008)Wang, C.H.; 彭宗仁; Lin, W.Z.; Peng, T.R.; Tsai, H.C.-
-Use of C and N stable isotope techniques in the sources identification,with special reference to the pear twigs, potatoes, and gingersKuo, Wu-Yang; 郭午暘-
-Use of geochemical modeling to evaluate the hydraulic connection of aquifers: a case study from Chianan Plain, TaiwanLu, H.Y.; 彭宗仁; Liu, T.K.; Chen, W.F.; Peng, T.R.; Wang, C.H.; Tsai, M.H.; Liou, T.S.-
-Use of stable water isotopes to assess sources and influences of slope groundwater on slope failurePeng, T.R.; 彭宗仁; Wang, C.H.; Hsu, S.M.; Chen, N.C.; Su, T.W.; Lee, J.F.-
-Using hydrogen, oxygen, and tritium isotopes to identify the hydrological factors contributing to landslides in a mountainous area, central TaiwanPeng, T.R.; 彭宗仁; Wang, C.H.; Lai, T.C.; Ho, F.S.K.-
-Using stable hydrogen and oxygen isotopes to reveal monsoonal and related hydrological effects on meteoric water in the Western Pacific monsoon region: A case study of the Ilan region, northeastern TaiwanTsung-Ren Peng; Chun-Chun Huang; Chi-Tsun Chen; Jui-Er Chen; Wen-Jui Liang; 彭宗仁