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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-The Announcement Effects of Strategic Alliances- Modes of Alliances and Firm Characteristics李莉綾; Li, Li-ling-
-The Associations between Technical Rules and Firm Characteristics蔡詩珉; Tsai, Shih-Min-
-The Dynamic Correlations between Stock Indices and Exchange Rates and Their Applications郭秀如; KUO SHU, LU-
-The Effect of Sentiment Indicators on Return of Taiwan Stock Index Futures邱世鈞; Chun, Chiu-Shih-
-The Impact of Financial Constraint and Default Risk on the Operating Performance after SEOs林美伶; Lin, Mei-Ling-
-An investigation on information transmission between stocks of far eastern countries and their American depositary receiptsHsu, J.M.; 徐俊明; Tsai, L.H.-
-KTV服務事業之經營策略─案例分析張建森; Chang, Chien-Sen-
-The Long-Run Performance of Firms Issuing Equity Shortly after Their IPOs: Evidence from Taiwan楊文彬; 徐俊明; Wen-Ben Yang; Jun-Ming Hsu
-The Long-Term Performance of Companies Undertaking Joint Ventures侯佩伶; Hou, Pei-Ling-
-Pre-IPO Acquirers' Issuance Cost and Long-Run Performance: Do Their M&A Disclosures Matter?徐俊明; Hsu, J.M.; Young, W.J.; Wang, H.Y.-
-Price Behavior of Qualified Companies around the Audit Report and Report Announcement Days: The Case of TaiwanHsu, J.M.; 徐俊明; Young, W.J.; Chu, C.H.-
-The Role of Institutional Investors in SEOs孫廷璽; Sun, Ting-Shi
-The Tendency, Price Discount, and Announcement Effect of Private Equity Offerings: The Case of Taiwan王盈涵; Wang, Ying-Han-
-Why Do Companies Go Private and Use LBOs ?陳曉柔; Chen, Hsiao-Jou-
-上市(櫃)公司存續五年以上之長期績效曾柏青; Tseng, Po-Ching-
-不動產價值之決定因素-銀行承受與出售之評估廖學縣; Liao, Hsueh-Hsuan-
-不確定性如何影響價格—以台灣興櫃市場為例呂佩霞; Lu, Pei-Hsia-
-中國都市圈發展與商用不動產需求之研究陳重元; Chen, Chung-yuan-
-中小企業信用評等模型之評估—財務比率與專家經驗李基賢; Li, Chi-Hsien-
-以二貝他模式解釋增資後長期績效Yi-Ting Su; 蘇逸廷