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-Alnus nepalensis D. Don (Betulaceae), a Newly Naturalized Tree in TaiwanTseng, Yen-Hsueh; 曾彥學; Shu, Hsien-Sheng; Liou, Ching-Yu; Lin, Shin-Hwei; 徐憲生; 劉靜榆; 林信輝
-Combining GBIF and MaxEnt to Predict the Suitable Habitat of Alnus formosanaChing-An Chiu; Hsien-Sheng Hsu; Shin-Hwei Lin; 邱清安; 徐憲生; 林信輝
-An optimal approach to degraded land: passively natural recovery by spontaneous succession vs. actively ecological restoration by human intervention邱清安; 徐憲生; Ching-An Chiu; Hsien-Sheng Hsu
-The Trajectory and Goal of Landslide Revegetation: A Proposal from the Viewpoints of Restoration EcologyChing-An Chiu; Hsien-Sheng Hsu; Shin-Hwei Lin; Wei-Chih Chen; 邱清安; 徐憲生; 林信輝; 陳韋志
-七家灣溪濱岸植群之組成與結構蔡尚惪; 徐憲生; 呂金誠
-七家灣溪濱岸植群監測與地景變遷徐憲生; Shu, Hsien-Sheng-
-崩塌地噴植植生復育及其應用資材之探討林信輝; 王英任; 徐憲生