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-Antiviral potential of curcuminDony Mathew; 徐維莉; Wei-Li Hsu
-Association of increased serum acute-phase protein concentrations with reproductive performance in dairy cows with postpartum metritisChan, J.P.W.; 張照勤; Chang, C.C.; Hsu, W.L.; Liu, W.B.; Chen, T.H.; 徐維莉; 陳鵬文; 陳德勛-
-A型流感病毒RNA聚合酶抗體之製備與應用孫惠芬; Sun, Hui-Fen-
-A型流行性感冒病毒NS1蛋白在細胞株分佈情形之研究林欣誼; Lin, Sin-Yi-
-A型流行性感冒病毒非結構蛋白1A在活細胞分佈情形之研究蔡傳馥; Tsai, Chuan-Fu-
-Bovine lactoferrin inhibits Japanese encephalitis virus by binding to heparan sulfate and receptor for low density lipoproteinChien, Y.J.; 徐維莉; Chen, W.J.; Hsu, W.L.; Chiou, S.S.-
-Comparative Analysis of Anti-influenza Virus Activity Mediated by Monoacetylcurcumin and Curcumin李宜霖; Yi-Lin Li
-Dermatophytic pseudomycetomas in four catsChang, S.C.; 徐維莉; Liao, J.W.; Shyu, C.L.; Hsu, W.L.; Wong, M.L.; 張仕杰-
-Development of a loop-mediated isothermal amplification for rapid detection of orf virusTsai, S.M.; 張天傑; Chan, K.W.; Hsu, W.L.; Chang, T.J.; Wong, M.L.; Wang, C.Y.; 徐維莉; 王孟亮-
-Differential diagnosis of orf viruses by a single-step PCRChan, K.W.; 徐維莉; Hsu, W.L.; Wang, C.Y.; Yang, C.H.; Lin, F.Y.; Chulakasian, S.; Wong, M.L.; 王孟亮; 王之仰-
-Establishment of Recombinant Orf Virus Expressing Goatpox virus P32 Proteins趙譯棋; I-Chi Chao
-Functional analysis of orf virus OV20.0 protein isoforms曾宇揚; Yeu-Yang Tseng
-Functional expression of the recombinant ATPase of orf virusLin, F.Y.; 徐維莉; Chan, K.W.; Wang, H.C.; Hsu, W.L.; Wong, M.L.; 王孟亮-
-Gingerol, curcumin 與其他NF-kb 抑制劑對流感病毒複製的影響徐維莉-
-Gingerol, curcumin與其他NF-kB抑制劑對流感病毒複製的影響徐維莉-
-Gingerol, Curcumin與其他NF-kb抑制劑對流感病毒複製的影響徐維莉-
-Identification and phylogenetic analysis of orf virus from goats in TaiwanChan, K.W.; 徐維莉; Lin, J.W.; Lee, S.H.; Liao, C.J.; Tsai, M.C.; Hsu, W.L.; Wong, M.L.; Shih, H.C.-
-The identification of frequent variations in the fusion protein of canine distemper virusLee, M.S.; 張照勤; Tsai, K.J.; Chen, L.H.; Chen, C.Y.; Liu, Y.P.; Chang, C.C.; Lee, S.H.; Hsu, W.L.; 徐維莉-
-Identification, expression and antigenic analysis of recombinant hemagglutinin proteins of canine distemper virusChan, K.W.; 徐維莉; Hsieh, H.H.; Wang, H.C.; Lee, Y.J.; Sung, M.H.; Wong, M.L.; Hsu, W.L.; 王孟亮-
-Increased survival in dogs with malignant mammary tumours overexpressing HER-2 protein and detection of a silent single nucleotide polymorphism in the canine HER-2 geneHsu, W.L.; 徐維莉; Huang, H.M.; Liao, J.W.; Bong, M.L.; Chang, S.C.; 廖俊旺; 張仕杰-