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-Application of Fuzzy Theory to Develop Criteria and Indicators of Forest Ecosystem Management in Taiwan李宗儒; 劉曼貞; 李久先; Yian-Ming Yen-
-The Application of Geographic Information System to Establishment and Analysis of Forest Site Environment Attributes李久先; 吳建志; Joou-Shian Lee; Jian-Jzi Wu
-A Basic Study on the Pruning Operation of Juvenile Taiwan Red Cypress PlantationJoou-Shian Lee; Yih-Shun Chan; 李久先; 詹益順
-The concepts&Principles of Recreational Landscape Architecture楊志義; Yang, Zhi-Yi-
-Growth and Yield Models for Thinning Demonstration Zones of Taiwan Red Cypress (Chamaecyparis Formosensis Matsum.) and Japanese Cedar (Cryptomeria Japonica D. Don) Plantations in Central Taiwan顏添明; 李久先; 黃凱洛
-Landscape Analysis on the Basis of Providing Recreation Opportunities李久先; 楊志義; Joou-Shian Lee; Yhih-I Yang
-Research of Natural Forest Management Analysis of Component Factors for Vegetation of Permenent PlotsJoou-Shian Lee; Chih-I Yang; Chaur-Tzuhn Chen; Wen-Hor Yen; 李久先; 楊志義; 陳朝圳; 葉文和
-SPOT影像應用於台北縣八里鄉土地利用監測之研究黃國楨; Huang, Kuo-Chen-
-Studies about Over-Utilization in Private Forest Land --A Case Study on Heng-Shan area in Hsin-chu CountyWang, Hui-ju; 王慧茹-
-Studies on Growth for Chamaecyparis formosensis Plantations by Different Thinning Intensity-The Simulation Effects of Individual Tree Growth by Mitscherlich, Logistic and Gompertz Growth Models李久先; 顏添明; Joou-Shian Lee; Tain-Ming Yen
-Studies on Individual Tree Growth of Chamaecyparis formosensis Plantations(I)-The Simulation Effects of Unthinking and Thinning Stand by Individual Tree Growth Models李久先; 顏添明; Joou-Shian Lee; Tain-Ming Yen
-Studies on Individual Tree Growth of Chamaecyparis formosensis Plantations(Ⅱ)-The Application of Chapman-Richards Growth Model on Thinning Stand李久先; 顏添明; Joou-Shian Lee; Tain-Ming Yeh
-Studies on Practical Aspect of Leased National Forestland -A Illustration Study on Nan Tou Forest DistrictLin, Yi-Chih; 林宜枝-
-Studies on The Improvement of The Properties of Polyvinyl Acetate Emulsion Adhesives (Ⅱ)-Synthesis of Copolymers of PVAc Resin and Their Utilization李久先; 顏添明; Cheng-Tzu Liu; Chao-Yin Liu
-Studies on Theoretics and Practicality of Forestry ExtensionLiu, Man-Chen; 劉曼貞-
-A Study on the Growth of Plantations-The Effects of Thinning to Stand Structure and Growth李久先; 顏添明; Joou-Shian Lee; Tain-Ming Yen
-Study on Tinning Effect of Chamaecyparis formosensis By Diameter Distribution in Ta-Hsueh-Shan Area李久先; 顏添明; Joou-Shian Lee; Tain-Ming Yen
-Studyies on Administration System of Protection Forest - A Case of Coastal Protecion Forest at Yun-lin Country吳金松; Wu, Jin-Song-
-不同相對關係式推估針葉樹及竹類地上部生物量之比較孫正華; 顏添明; 李久先
-不同間伐強度對紅檜人工林生長之影響顏添明; Yen, Tain-Ming-