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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-Analysis and Simulation on Electrical Properties of Thin Film Transistors Under Mechanical Strain吳易駿; Wu, Yi-Chun-
-Design and Analysis on Nanorods Thin-Film Solar Cell陳姿君; Chen, Tzu-Chun-
-Fabrication and Study on Thermal Annealing of Polymer Solar Cells張智翔; Chang, Chih-Hsaing-
-Simulations and Measurements for Luminacence Spectra of Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Tunnelling Diodes嚴貫恩; Yen, Kung-En-
-Stress Analysis and Carrier Mobility Calculation of InGaAs MOSFETs歐陽湘; Hsiang, Ou-Yang-
-Study of the electron mobility and simulation of novel devices of strained silicon-based materials廖淑慧; Liao, Shu-Hui-
-Study on Low-Voltage a-IGZO TFTLiu, Chang-Xin; 劉昌鑫-
-Study on Low-Voltage OTFT by Using Copolymer as The Dielectric LayerHuang, Hui-Chen; 黃惠真-
-Study On Nanostructure Silicon Thin Film Solar Cells鍾明憲; Jhong, Ming-Sian-
-Study on the a-IGZO thin film transistor driven white light emitting diode林佑聯; Lin, Lien-Yu-
-Subband Properties of PMOS Inversion Layer Using Strained Si1-xGex Alloys on (111) Si Substrate卓大鈞; Cho, Ta-Chun-
-Valence Band Structure of Strained SixC1-x Alloys in 2D PMOS Inversion Layer and Bulk Material樊君偉; Fan, Jun Wei-
-三五族pHEMT之電性分析與量測韓季霖; Han, Chi-Lin-
-低電壓有機薄膜電晶體與互補式反相器之研究黃鼎翔; Huang, Ting-Hsiang-
-低電壓氧化物半導體a-IGZO與高分子介電層薄膜電晶體邱久容; Chiu, Chiu-Jung-
-先進奈米級CMOS元件之模擬與研究王維敬; Wang, Wei-Ching-
-具有矽碳合金應力源的應變矽N型金氧半場效電晶體效能增強之模擬研究黃仕澔; Huang, Jacky-
-利用PS-b-PMMA共聚高分子薄膜製備應用於矽奈米柱太陽電池之奈米結構Ho, Ming-Wei; 何明韋-
-利用奈米金網製作應用於光電元件之研究吳國誠; Wu, Kuo-Cheng-
-利用有限元素法研究先進電晶體元件之通道應力分佈林昆翰; Lin, Kun-Han-