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-Experimental and Simulated Investigations of Thin Polymer Substrates with an Indium Tin Oxide Coating under Fatigue Bending LoadingsHsu, Jiong-Shiun; Lee, Chang-Chun; Wen, Bor-Jiunn; Huang, Pei-Chen; Xie, Chi-Kai; 李昌駿
-Flexural Capability of Patterned Transparent Conductive Substrate by Performing Electrical Measurements and Stress SimulationsLee, Chang-Chun; Huang, Pei-Chen; Wang, Ko-Shun; 李昌駿
-Stress Analysis and Carrier Mobility Calculation of InGaAs MOSFETs歐陽湘; Hsiang, Ou-Yang-
-Study of the electron mobility and simulation of novel devices of strained silicon-based materials廖淑慧; Liao, Shu-Hui-
-TCAD simulation analysis of thin film heterojuction solar cells蕭珮琪; Siao, Pei-Chi-
-先進奈米級CMOS元件之模擬與研究王維敬; Wang, Wei-Ching-
-創新薄膜太陽電池之模擬研究湯銘; Tang, Ming-
-半導體材料與元件的應變效應研究李佳峰; Li, Chia-Feng-
-太陽電池元件與系統的模型與模擬張志偉; Chang, Chih-Wei-
-奈米尺寸應變N型金氧半場效電晶體之載子傳輸特性的研究謝秉峰; Hsieh, Bing-Fong-
-應用原子連體模擬法研究奈米尺度材料力學性質何婧妍; Jing-Yan He
-應變工程在半導體元件上的應用陳俞均; Chen, Yu-Chun-
-用於AMOLED面板技術之關鍵元件模擬研究:OLED元件與IGZO TFT 元件尤惠瑩; Yu, Hui-Ying-
-異質接面結構與應變工程之應用在新穎光電及電子元件孫柏行; Sun, Po-Hsing-