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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-Becoming-Other:Colonial Translation in Taiwan's Imperial Literature under Japanese Occupation李育霖; Yu-lin Lee-
-The Dialect of Sex and Gender in Sport: Beautiful Boxer as a Case in PointYu-lin Lee; 李育霖-
-Folk Culture and Production of Locality:The Discourse of Hsiang-tu in Post-Taiwan New Cinema(2008-2012)白敏澤; Min-Tse Pai
-Linguistic Flows and Subjectivity in Cross-Writing李育霖; Yu-lin Lee-
-Locality, History and Style in Gan Yao-Ming's Ghost Slayer陳秀珍; Hsiu-Jen Chen
-Locality, History and Style in Gan Yao-Ming’s Ghost SlayerHsiu-Jen Chen; 陳秀珍
-The Orphan of Asia:Taiwan and Asian李育霖; Yu-lin Lee-
-(Perspectives:Studies in Translatology,14(01):073-078)Translation and the Production of Local LiteratureYu-lin Lee; 李育霖-
-(Tamkang Review,37(02):141-168)Linguistic Flows and Subjectivity in Cross-Writing:Language Experiments in modern Taiwan Literature李育霖; Yu-lin Lee-
-(Tamkang Studies of Foreign Languages and Literatures,3(03):137-157)Exile as Liminality:Re-writing Self,Nation and History in Wu Chou-liu's Asia's Orphan李育霖; Yu-lin Lee-
-Toward a Revolution:A Deleuzian Reading of Wang Chen-ho's Use of Language李育霖; Yu-lin Lee-
-Tracing the light of flight: Japan's Imperialization of Taiwan and Its Semiotic Regimes李育霖; Yu-lin Lee-
-Translating the Foreign: The Rhetoric of Gaichi Bungaku李育霖; Yu-lin Lee
-Translation as a Mode of Writing:The Production of a Minor Literature李育霖; Yu-lin Lee-
-Translation from the Borders: Nishikawa Mitsuru in Taiwan李育霖; Yu-lin Lee-
-Writing Taiwan: A Study of Taiwan's Nativist Literature.李育霖; Yu-lin Lee-
-(中外文學第35卷第04期,p011-p026)翻譯與地方文學生產:以王禎和小說《玫瑰玫瑰我愛你》為例Yu-lin Lee; 李育霖
-以「性」建構歷史:舞鶴《餘生》中的霧社事件書寫吳佳玲; Wu, Chia-Ling
-出草「霸權」,重發「原聲」:以《賽德克‧巴萊》為例徐儷綾; Hsu, Li-Ling