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-1.最短長度之扶手椅型、鋸齒型及其衍生型單層奈米碳管於不同拓樸結構之理論研究 2.硫化鋅奈米粒子量子效應在核磁共振光譜之量測林群欽; Lin, Eugene-
-3-巰基-1-丙磺酸鹽自組裝單層膜修飾奈米孔洞金電極應用於低電位沉積陽極剝除法對銅進行靈敏的電化學偵測林柏村; Lin, Bo-Tsuen-
-Analysis in composition variation of tea infusions for different brewing temperature through high-performance liquid chromatography蘇桂玉; Guei-yu Su
-Antcin A, a steroid-like compound from Antrodia camphorata, exerts anti-inflammatory effect via mimicking glucocorticoidsChen, Y.C.; 王升陽; Liu, Y.L.; Li, F.Y.; Chang, C.L.; Wang, S.Y.; Lee, K.Y.; Li, S.L.; Chen, Y.P.; Jinn, T.R.; Tzen, J.T.; 李豐穎-
-Application of a nanoporous gold electrode with the highly morphological recoverability for non-enzymatic glucose sensing林湘瑩; Lin, Hsiang-Ying-
-Band-gap modification of defective carbon nanotubes under a transverse electric fieldTien, L.G.; 李豐穎; Tsai, C.H.; Li, F.Y.; Lee, M.H.-
-Characterization of Vacancy Defect Interaction on the Electric Properties of Zigzag Single-Walled Carbon NanotubesLuo, Y.P.; 李豐穎; Tien, L.G.; Tsai, C.H.; Lee, M.H.; Li, F.Y.-
-Comparison on Catalytic Efficiencies of Ammonia Dehydrogenation over Fe(111), Fe(110) and Fe(100) SurfacesKuei-Hua Liang; 梁貴華
-Construction and comparison of fluorescence and bioluminescence bacterial biosensors for the detection of bioavailable toluene and related compoundsLi, Y.F.; 李豐穎; Li, F.Y.; Ho, C.L.; Liao, V.H.C.-
-Deposition rate effect of Alq(3) thin film growth: A Kinetic Monte Carlo studyLin, Y.J.; 李豐穎; Chang, J.C.; Tai, C.K.; Wang, B.C.; Li, F.Y.-
-Docking study of the precursor peptide of matoparan onto its putative processing enzyme, dipeptidyl peptidase IV: a revisit to molecular ticketingJang, S.; 李豐穎; Chung, T.Y.; Shin, J.; Lin, K.L.; Tzen, J.T.C.; Li, F.Y.; 曾志正-
-Effect of vacancy defect on electrical properties of chiral single-walled carbon nanotube under external electrical fieldLuo, Y.P.; 李豐穎; Tien, L.G.; Tsai, C.H.; Lee, M.H.; Li, F.Y.-
-Effects of plasma treatment in the tungsten process for chemical vapor deposition titanium nitride barrier film beyond nanometer technologyChen, K.W.; 李豐穎; Wang, Y.L.; Chang, L.; Li, F.Y.; Hwang, G.J.-
-Energy Landscapes Associated with the Self-Aggregation of an Alanine-Based Oligopeptide (AAKA)(4)Jang, S.; 李豐穎; Yuan, J.M.; Shin, J.; Measey, T.J.; Schweitzer-Stenner, R.; Li, F.Y.-
-Engineering lysine-rich caleosins as carrier proteins to render biotin as a hapten on artificial oil bodies for antibody productionLiu, T.H.; 李豐穎; Chyan, C.L.; Li, F.Y.; Chen, Y.J.; Tzen, J.T.C.-
-The fragmentation of ethanol cation under an electric field: An ab initio/RRKM studyLu, H.F.; 李豐穎; Li, F.Y.; Lin, C.C.; Nagaya, K.; Chao, I.; Lin, S.H.-
-Fragmentations of hydroxymethyl radical cation: An ab initio studyMai, F.D.; 李豐穎; Lu, H.F.; Li, F.Y.; Lin, S.H.-
-Fragmentations of singly charged ethanol cation: An ab initio/RRKM studyLu, H.F.; 李豐穎; Li, F.Y.; Nagaya, K.; Hayashi, M.; Mishima, K.; Lin, S.H.-
-Gene families encoding isoforms of two major sesame seed storage proteins, 11S globulin and 2S albuminHsiao, E.S.L.; 李豐穎; Lin, L.J.; Li, F.Y.; Wang, M.M.C.; Liao, M.Y.; Tzen, J.T.C.; 曾志正-
-Geometric Effects on Conductance in Single Molecule Electron Transport JunctionsHsieh, S.C.; 李豐穎; Mai, F.D.; Jang, S.; Tang, H.Y.; Li, F.Y.-