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-Experiment of the Propagation of Economical Grasses for Wind Control in Coastal FarmYuan-ching Lee; 江永哲; Yung-cheh Chiang; 李遠慶-
-Experiments on the Effectiveness of Sand-fixed HedgeYuan-Ching Lee; 李遠慶; Yan-Ming Chang; Fan-Chieh Yu; Yung-Cheh Chiang; 游繁結; 張炎銘; 江永哲-
-Investigation of the Effectiveness of Previously-settled Windbreaks (2) Gap on Wind VelocityYung-Cheh Chiang; 江永哲; Yuan-Ching Lee; Wen-Fure Chern; 李遠慶; 陳文福-
-現存耕地防風林之功效探討 (1)密度對風速之影響江永哲; Yung-cheh Chiang; 李遠慶; Yuan-ching Lee-
-耕地防風林風口影響風速之探討李遠慶; 陳文福