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-A Study on the Forcasting in Wholesale Price of Vegetables-A comparison between linear and nonlinear modelsRoung, Lin-Pei; 林佩蓉-
-Why are the Developments of Taiwan''s and India''s Pharmaceutical Industries Diverse? The Perspectives of Technology Capability and National Innovative CapacityLin, Pei-Jung; 林佩蓉-
-創作集郭岳霖; 林佩蓉; 潘宜琳-
-創作集廖宏智; 林佩蓉-
-創作集simple; 林佩蓉-
-史家的天官傳統─《史記》中的天官星占傳承Pei-Rong Lin; 林佩蓉
-生態與專文:綠川文生態:窺:探訪綠色珍珠李金賢; 陳韋聿; 潘宜琳; 林佩蓉; 郭乃華