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-Alnus nepalensis D. Don (Betulaceae), a Newly Naturalized Tree in TaiwanTseng, Yen-Hsueh; 曾彥學; Shu, Hsien-Sheng; Liou, Ching-Yu; Lin, Shin-Hwei; 徐憲生; 劉靜榆; 林信輝
-Application of rainfall erosion index to investigate the suitable construction months for slopeland development and calculate the temporary sedimentation amoutntChen, Yen-Cheng; 陳彥丞-
-Benefit Evaluation of Hydroseeding with Mixed Substrates in Medium Altitude Area.吳建德; Jian-De Wu
-Combining GBIF and MaxEnt to Predict the Suitable Habitat of Alnus formosanaChing-An Chiu; Hsien-Sheng Hsu; Shin-Hwei Lin; 邱清安; 徐憲生; 林信輝
-Dynamic behaviors of pulsing sediment for watershedsTsai, Chen-Chen; 蔡真珍-
-EcologicalHabitat Benefit Analysison the Eco-Pond of Ailan Interchangein No.6 Freeway葉姿莉; 林信輝; Tzu-Li Yeh; Shin-Hwei Lin
-The effect of daily periodical variation of water level on the growth of Salix wauburgii in Ming Hu Reservoir陳慶協; Chen, Ching-Hsieh-
-Effect of Surface Vegetation Type on Soil Water Movement林軍豪; Lin, Chun-Hao-
-Evaluation of carbon stocks in terrestrial ecosystems吳逸崟; Wu, Yi-Yin-
-The Growth and Root Strength of Lagerstroemia subcostata Vegetation StakeShin-Hwei Lin; 楊宏達; Hung-Ta Yang; Yi-Chang Chen; 陳意昌; 林信輝
-Impacts of Alien Plant Species on Plant Succession of Re-vegetating Landslide Area張瑜芳; Yu-Fang Chang
-Integrated Assessment of Habitat Attributes and Species In Freeway Facilities - A Case Study on the Ecopond of Ailan Interchange葉姿莉; Tzu-Li Yeh
-Integrated Assessment of Revetment Type and Vegetation Association in River Remediation Area劉佳勝; Jia-Sheng Liou
-The Investigation and Evaluation of Aquatic Ecological Environment in Huludum Main CanalHung, Chen-Tsung; 洪辰宗-
-Investigation and Study on Safety Assessment of Geological Sensitive Areas -A Landslides of Geological Sensitive Areas at Nantou City as an Example.張函儒; Han-Ju Chang
-The Investigation of Different Vegetation Engineering in the Soil Conservation Efficacy on Cutting Slope of Mudstone Area郭張權; Kuo, Chang Chuan-
-The Investigation of Landslide Pattern on Bamboo Forests陳燿榮; Chen, Yao-Jung-
-Polisoil Effects on Soil Conservation and Seed Germination莊皓雲; Juang, Hua-Yun-
-The Quantitative Evaluation of The Stability of Vegetated Slope王欣俞; Wang, Hsin-Yu-
-Responses of windbreak plants to water stressShin-Hwei Lin; 林信輝