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-An approach to growth of Fe-Si multilayers with controlled composition profile-a way to exchange coupled thin filmsGouralnik, A S; Pustovalov, E V; Lin, K-W; Chuvilin, A L; Chusovitina, S V; Dotsenko, S A; Cherednichenko, A I; Plotnikov, V S; Ivanov, V A; Belokon, V I; Tkachenko, I A; Galkin, N G; 林克偉
-Annealing effect of NiO/Co90Fe10 thin films: From bilayer to nanocompositeXu Li; Yu-Chi Chang; Jiann-Yeu Chen; Ko-Wei Lin; 林克偉; Ryan D. Desautels; Johan van Lierop; Philip W.T. Pong
-Anomalous exchange bias behavior in ion-beam bombarded NiCo/(Ni,Co)O bilayersLin, K.W.; 林克偉; Guo, J.Y.; Liu, H.Y.; Ouyang, H.; Chan, Y.L.; Wei, D.H.; van Lierop, J.-
-Anomalous positive exchange bias in Ni80Fe20/NixFe1-xO thin-film bilayers induced by ion-beam deposition effectsvan Lierop, J.; 林克偉; Lin, K.W.; Ouyang, H.; Tzeng, Y.M.; Guo, Z.Y.-
-B/Ag底層對於FePt薄膜影響其磁性質及微結構之研究林峮玄; Lin, Chiun-Shiuan-
-Cooling Field and Ion-Beam Bombardment Effects on Exchange Bias Behavior in NiFe/(Ni,Fe)O BilayersLin, K.W.; 林克偉; Wei, M.R.; Guo, J.Y.-
-Correlating antiferromagnetic spin structures with ion-beam bombardment in exchange-biased NiFe/Mn bilayersLin, K.W.; 林克偉; Chen, T.J.; Guo, J.Y.; Ouyang, H.; Wei, D.H.; van Lierop, J.-
-Correlating exchange bias with magnetic anisotropy in ion-beam bombarded NiFe/Mn-oxide bilayersLin, K.W.; 林克偉; Guo, J.Y.; Chen, T.J.; Ouyang, H.; Vass, E.; van Lierop, J.-
-Dynamical freezing, magnetic ordering, and the magnetocaloric effect in nanostructured Fe/Cu thin filmsR. D. Desautels; C. Shueh; K. W. Lin; J. W. Freeland; J. van Lierop; 林克偉
-Effects of post-deposition magnetic field annealing on magnetic properties of NiO/Co90Fe10 bilayersChao Zheng; Shan Su; Chun-Cheng Chiu; Elizabeth Skoropata; Ryan D. Desautels; Johan van Lierop; Ko-Wei Lin; 林克偉; Philip W. T. Pong-
-Enhancement of the exchange-bias onset temperature in a columnar nanocrystalline Ni80Fe20/Co3O4 thin filmvan Lierop, J.; 林克偉; Lin, K.W.; Guo, Z.Y.; Southern, B.W.-
-Exchange bias dependence on interface spin alignment in a Ni80Fe20/(Ni,Fe)O thin filmOuyang, H.; 林克偉; Lin, K.W.; Liu, C.C.; Lo, S.C.; Tzeng, Y.M.; Guo, Z.Y.; van Lierop, J.-
-Exchange bias in a columnar nanocrystalline Ni80Fe20/CoO thin filmvan Lierop, J.; 林克偉; Southern, B.W.; Lin, K.W.; Guo, Z.Y.; Harland, C.L.; Rosenberg, R.A.; Freeland, J.W.-
-Exchange bias study of sub-100 nm-diameter CoFeB/IrMn antidot and nanodot arrays fabricated by nanosphere lithographyX. Li; C.W. Leung; C.-C. Chiu; 林克偉; K.-W. Lin; Mansun Chan; Y. Zhou; Philip W.T. Pong
-Exchange coupling in FePt-FePt3 nanocomposite filmsLin, K.W.; 林克偉; Guo, J.Y.; Liu, C.Y.; Ouyang, H.; van Lierop, J.; Phuoc, N.N.; Suzuki, T.-
-Fe/FeO/Fe/FeV Multilayers Characterized by Magnetometry and Polarized Neutron ReflectometrySara J. Callori; Kai-Han Chao; Grace L. Causer; Béla Nagy; László F. Kiss; Attila Sulyok; László Bottyán; 林克偉; Ko-Wei Lin; Frank Klose
-First-Principles Analysis of Co/Pt multilayers王宏斌; Wang, Hung-Pin-
-He Investigation of Structural and Magnetic Properties in Ferromagentic/Antiferromagnetic Bilayers by X-Ray and Neutron Scattering Techniques林克偉-
-Influence of Cr2O3 thickness on the magnetic properties of NiFe/Cr2O3 bilayers deposited on SrTiO3 single-crystalline substrateYu-Chi Chang; Xu Li; Ryan D. Desautels; 林克偉; Ko-Wei Lin; Johan van Lierop; Antonio Ruotolo; Philip W.T. Pong
-Influence of different stoichiometric Cr-oxides created via oxygen ion-beam bombardment on the magnetism of the NiFe/Cr-oxide exchange-biased systemsChao Zheng; Wen-Tzu Lo; Hsun-Feng Hsu; Yaroslav Wroczynskyj; 林克偉; Ko-Wei Lin; Johan van Lierop; Philip W.T. Pong