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-16-QAM 無線光纖傳輸系統之多碼率低密度同位元查核碼解碼器實作與後處理器研究蕭家州; Hsiao, Chia-Chou-
-1V輸入輸出可飽和操作之低功率CMOS運算放大器陳丁再; Chen, Dingtzay-
-2-D Strongly Correlated Electron Systems and Quantum Hall Effect林中一; 林泓均-
-2.4GHz金氧半電晶體頻率合成器之設計吳心立; Wu, Thin-Li-
-64-QAM調變/解調變之通道解碼系統整合設計與實作吳宗翰; Zong-Han Wu
-6位元1GS/s數位類比轉換器設計林佳鴻; Lin, Chia-Hung-
-Analytical Models of Output Voltages and Power Efficiencies for Multistage Charge PumpsHsu, C.P.; 林泓均; Lin, H.C.-
-Chip Design of Multi-Mode Forward Error Correction for Applications to Mimo and Smart Antennas( I )林泓均-
-Circuit Design for Non-Volatile Programmable Devices in 3D-IC Technology(I)林泓均-
-Cyclic digital-to-analog converter with high conversion rate林平晉; Lin, Ping-Chin-
-Deep Sub-Micron SOI Device Simulations and Reliability Analysis林泓均; 曾堅信; 趙天生-
-Enhanced p-Channel Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor Charge Pump for Low-Voltage ApplicationsHsu, C.P.; 林泓均; Wu, H.M.; Lin, H.C.-
-Evaluation of multi-Gbps serial link using wire-bonded multiple exposed pads (M-pad) leadframe packageChen, N.S.; 林泓均; Lin, H.C.-
-High Throughput Channel Decoding Chip Design for Ofdm Based Optical Fiber Communication Systems林泓均-
-High Throughput Channel Decoding Chip Design for OFDM Based Optical Fiber Communications林泓均-
-IEEE 802.11a基頻傳送器之製作陳奕帆; Chen, Yi-Fan-
-IEEE 802.11n 多碼率低密度同位元查核碼解碼器之設計黃建霖; Huang, Chien-Lin-
-IEEE802.11b基頻傳送器與接收框架器之製作趙軒慶; Chao, Hsuan-Ching-
-Intelligent Electric Power Control System for Energy Saving House with Hybrid Solar Energy and Utility Power Supplies(I)許恒銘; 林俊良; 黃穎聰; 楊清淵; 林維亮; 林泓均-