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-AHP是否能有效應用在供應商評選決策?Jong, Chien-Yee; 楊嵌聿-
-A Comparison of Different Methods in Forecasting Financial Crisis黃堂軒; Huang, Tang-Hsuan-
-Constructing the Warning Prediction Models of CorporationsLin, Yu-Cheng; 林昱成-
-Decision Models of Green Purchasing for Retailers- Consideration of Consumers' Purchase IntentionChiu, Hsin-Chiao; 邱歆喬-
-Effects of Corporate Social Responsibility and Intellectual Capital on Corporate Financial Performance: A Path Analysis Model鄧文碩; Dang, Van Thac-
-The Exploratory Study of the Moderating and Mediating Effects on the Relationship among Social Responsibility Disclosure, Cost of Equity Capital and Financial Performance林金賢-
-Exploring the Moderating Effect of Organizational Slack on the Relationship between Enterprise Risk Management and Firm PerformanceLin, Chieh-Sheng; 林介勝-
-Exploring the relationship among strategic internal fit, strategic external fit, and performance based on Taiwan's semiconductor industry陳湘芸; Chen, Hsiang -Yun-
-E口碑之前置因素與結果變數之實證研究吳幸芳; Wu, Hsing-Fang-
-An In-Depth Study on the Relationship among Industrial Environment, Business Strategy, Resource Allocation and Corporate Performance林金賢-
-An In-Depth Study on the Relationship among Industrial Environment, Business Strategy, Resource Allocation, and Corporate Performance林金賢-
-Marketing Organization Characteristcs Fit with Competitive Strategy and Its Relationship with Marketing Performance--Profile Deviation and NuroFuzzy AnalysisChen, Wu-Wen; 陳郁文-
-PP 餐具製造服務化對顧客的效益分析劉正德; Liu, Cheng-Te-
-R&D協同分析-以生技公司為例賴宜鴻; Lai, Yi-Hung-
-Relationship Banking -Evidence from Global CountriesChen, Hsiao-Chi; 陳曉琪-
-A Study of the Impact of Human Resource Management Practices Perception on Employee's Attitude-Mediated by Person-Organization Fit, Needs-Supplies Fit and Demands-Abilities Fit李彰耘; Li, Chung-Yun-
-A Study of the Impact of Supplier's Service Quality and Marketing Mix Satisfaction on Relationship Quality and Business Customer's Attitudinal Loyalty: Using Stationery Channel in Taiwan as an Example邱金針-
-A Study on Bank Lending Categories and Loan Quality in TaiwanWang, Tien-Hseang; 王天翔-
-A Study on the Forcasting in Wholesale Price of Vegetables-A comparison between linear and nonlinear modelsRoung, Lin-Pei; 林佩蓉-
-A Study on the Relationship among Ownership Structure and Risk-taking Behavior and Firm Value林湛凱; Lin, Jua-Kai-