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-Effects of Intangible Benefits on Rural Development Projects: Case study of Subsidy Project for Integrated Rural DevelopmentRong-Jiunn Chen; 鄭蕙燕; Huei-Yann Joann Jeng; Yung-Chuan Ko; 柯勇全; 陳榮俊
-Participation Motivation, Organizational Commitment, and Job Satisfaction for Soil and Water Conservation VolunteersYa-Ling Chen; Hsun-Chuan Chan; Yan-Ling Wu; Yu-Hui Lin; Yung-Chuan Ko; Kuo-Feng Huang; 陳雅鈴; 詹勳全; 吳延陵; 林侑輝; 柯勇全; 黃國鋒
-Policy Implementation Analysis of the Designated Soil and Water Conservation AreaKo, Yung-Chuan; 柯勇全-
-The Position of "Designated Soil and Water Conservation Area"in National Land-Use PlanningSu-Chin Chen; 柯勇全; Yung-Chuan Ko; 陳樹群
-特定水土保持區劃定之過去、現在與未來柯勇全; Yung-Chuan Ko; 陳樹群; Su-Chin Chen-
-農村社區之再生與軟治理-以社區公約之運用與範本之設計為例黃文政; 柯勇全; 胡毓解; 廖義銘