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-(1) Sequential Yb(OTf)3 Catalyzed One-Pot Three-Component Thia-Michael Addition (2) p-Toluenesulfonic Acid Catalyzed N-Formylation of N-Formylimide with Amine in WaterHsin‐Yi Huang; 黃馨誼
-(1)One-pot Synthesis of Thioesters with Bunte Salts as a Sulfur Surrogate under Transition Metal-Free Conditions (2)Hexamethyldisilazane Promoted C-N Bond Formation via Thioesters: Synthesis of Benzamides and DimethylformamidinesYen-Sen Liao; 廖彥森
-(1)Sequential Dy(OTf)3-catalyzed solvent free per-O-acetylation and anomeric de-O-acetylation of carbohydrates (2)2-(acetylsulfanyl)methyl benzoate: Lanthanide(III) metal-catalyzed removable orthogonal protecting group of carbohydratesYi-Ling Yan; 顏翊凌
-Chemoselective deacylation of functionalized thioesters catalyzed by Dy(OTf)3 4-Acetoxybenzyl carbonate: Lanthanide(III) metal-catalyzed removable orthogonal protecting group of carbohydratesJiun-Rung Guo; 郭峻榕
-Concise Synthesis of Stellettoside GlycosidesYu-Tung Lin; 林禹彤
-One-pot synthesis of thioesters with sodium thiosulfate as a sulfur surrogate under transition metal-free conditionsLiao, Yen-Sen; Liang, Chien-Fu; 梁健夫
-Selective S‐Deacetylation of Functionalized Thioacetates Catalyzed by Dy(OTf)3Jiun‐Rung Guo; Hsin‐Yi Huang; Yi‐Ling Yan; Prof. Chien‐Fu Liang; 梁健夫
-Sequential Ytterbium(III) Triflate Catalyzed One‐Pot Three‐Component Thia‐Michael AdditionHsin‐Yi Huang; Prof. Chien‐Fu Liang; 梁健夫-