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-Analysis on Water Quality Improvement of Fuchou Constructed Wetland,Taipei County, in Monsoon SeasonWu, Pei-Hung; 吳培鴻-
-Analysis on Water Quality Improvement of Shinhai Stage II Constructed Wetland in Monsoon SeasonLai, Jin-Shing; 賴俊旭-
-Application of the Post-Processing DGPS- A Case Study of Intake Site Positioning Along Taoyuan Irrigation ChannelSheng Liang; 梁昇
-Determination of Echo Propagation Velocity in Moist Soil Environment From Single Ground-Penetrating RadarSeng+Liang; 梁昇-
-The Effects of Microclimate of Slope on the Early Growth of Sugarcane梁昇; Liang Sheng-
-Evolution+of+Ground+Tunnel+for+Brachytupes+portentosus+in+Taiwan+Based+on+Functional+Zone+HypothesisLiang, Sheng; 梁昇; Liu, Shu-O; Chang, Min-Fu; Wu, Tsui-Ping; Kung, Feng-Ya; 劉素娥; 張明富; 吳翠屏; 龔楓雅
-Experiment on Erosion Control by Grasses in the Tidal Dike at ChanghuaHeng Chou; Yung-Cheh Chiang; Lewis Sheng Liang; 周恒; 江永哲; 梁昇-
-HEC-5 應用於流域整體水資源利用模擬梁昇; Sheng Liang
-HEC-GeoRAS應用於南湖溪淹水模擬之研究湯嘉芸; Tang, Chia-Yun-
-Personal Computer-based Data Acquisition Approach for Ground-Penetrating Radar梁昇; Sheng-Liang-
-Prediction of 10-Day StreamflowsSheng Liang; 梁昇; Yi-Fa Hung; 洪益發
-A Rainfall Station Network Design for Cho-Shui-Chi Basin梁昇; 江永哲; Lewis Sheng Liang; Yuang-cheh Chiang
-Restoration of Luciola ficta Olivier habitat diversity at Dongshih Forest StationHsu, Jen-Chai; 許仁財-
-Restoration of Luciola ficta Olivier Hibitats with Different Water Sources劉志偉; Chih-Wei Liu
-A Study on the Applications of Physiographic Quantitative Characteristics to Estimating of Areal RainfallLewis Sheng Liang; 梁昇
-The Unique Spectral Pattern of Subsurface Echo From Single Antenna of Groung-Penetrating Radar梁昇; Sheng Liang-
-不同水源復育黃緣螢Liu, Chih-Wei; 劉志偉-
-中部山區枇杷園防霜研究陳文福; 梁昇
-以類神經網路預測河川短期距流量Sheng Liang; 梁昇; Yi-Fa Hung; 洪益發-