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-10種平地造林樹種在鎘汙染地植生萃取潛能之評估吳依縈; Wu, Yi-Ying
-Air Pollutants Interception of Plains Afforestation in central TaiwanChien-pei Chen; 陳千佩
-Analysis of Carbon Sequestration for Main Taiwanese Man-made and Bamboo Forests Based on the Past Published DataChien-Yu Hung; 洪千祐
-Application of Cryptomeria japonica wood vinegar and its partition fractions on promoting the growth of the vegetable seedling and plant field experimentJui-Yu Hung; 洪瑞瑜
-Application of Mikania micrantha Vinegar and its Derivative Fractions on the Repellence of Forcipomyia taiwana and Antibacterial Activity胡政欣; Hu, Cheng-Hsin-
-Application of nondestructive testing to evaluate the mechanical properties of wood members used in ecological engineeringYu-Chun Lin; 林育群
-Application of Polyhydric Alcohol Liquefied Lignin in Preparing Waterborne Polyurethane Resins and Organic-Inorganic Hybrids胡銘珊; Hu, Ming-Shan-
-Attitude of Community Residents on Community Tree Planting and Green Beauty ─ A Case Study at Kouhu Township, Yunlin CountyChen-En Tsai; 蔡承恩
-Deciphering the Biogenic Volatile Organic Compounds of Forest Plants and Their Effects on Central Nervous Systems and Mood StatesChi-Jung Chen; 陳啟榮
-Development of Vegetable Oil-based Waterborne Wood CoatingsChia-Wei Chang; 張家偉
-The Effect of Forest Type on Soil Seed Bank Composition – an Illustration of Hui-Sun Experimental Forest StationTuan-Hsin Wu; 吳慱昕
-Effect of leaf essential oil and methanolic extracts from Eucalyptus citriodora on the growth of Mikania micrantha and its inhibition mechanismsYu-Jen Chen; 陳宥任
-Effect of mycorrhizal inoculation on the growth of Chamaecyparis obtusa var. formosana seedling in the reclaimed vegetable soilTzu-Hsuan Lo; 羅紫瑄
-Effect of Storage Time and Modification on the Properties of Waterborne Polyurethane/Silica HybridsYun-Yun Lee; 李雲蕓
-Effects of age and culm height position on physical and mechanical properties of moso bamboo (Phyllostachys pubescens) and its flattened boardShi-Yang Wu; 吳仕揚
-Effects of Biochar from Torrefaction and Carbonization of Woody Biomass on Plant GrowthLi-Wei Yu; 余立瑋
-Effects of sample size on accuracy of MaxEnt : A case study of Fagus hayataeHong-You Jiang; 江鴻猷
-The Effects of the Outdoor Education Program,'Forest Backpacker'on Elementary School Higher Grades' Environmental Education at Neishuangxi Nature CenterYi-ming Lai; 賴羿鳴
-Effects of Walking in Different Green Environments on Physiological BenefitsHuan-Tsun Chen; 陳奐存
-Evaluation of ring characteristics of hardwoods by wounding window methodYun-Chih Chen; 陳昀芝