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-(1)Toward the Development of a General Chiral .alpha.-Substituted Acetate Enolate Synthon for Aldolization (2)Synthesic Studies Directed toward the Amaryllidaceae Group of Alkaloids楊圖信-
-1-(對-甲苯亞硫醯基)乙烯陰離子和(E)-1-(對-甲苯亞硫醯基)2-(三甲矽)乙烯基鋰的製備及反應陳宏銓; CHEN, HONG-GUAN-
-1.Synthesis of Chiral Ethers 2.Chiral Ether-TiCl4-Mg Promoted Coupling of Bromoform with Aldehydes and KetonesLi-Te Lin; 林立得
-1.不對稱合成(+)-Valienamine 2.探索(-)-Oseltamivir (Tamiflu)的合成途徑葉上銘; Yeh, Shang-Ming-
-1.不對稱合成(+)-Valienamine 2.探索(-)-Oseltamivir (Tamiflu)的合成途徑葉上銘; Yeh, Shang-Ming-
-1.反式醛醇加成物的合成 2.研究紫衫醇之合成王英娟; Wang, ying-chan-
-Asymmetric Total Synthesis of (-)-Pericosine A and Synthetic Studies toward (-)-Pericosine C張惠婷; Hui-Ting Chang
-Asymmetric Total Synthesis of (-)-Pericosine C梁子凱; Tzu-Kai Liang
-C2-軸對稱手性結構類衍生的一種彈性策略: 簡捷途徑合成COTC-Np、 (+)-MK7607、(+)-Lycoricidine、(+)-Valienamine、(+)-Pancratistatin的關鍵中間體,及Conduramine A-1和Conduramine E張元康; Chang, Yuan-Kang-
-C2-軸對稱手性結構類衍生的一種彈性策略:簡捷途徑合成(+)-Valienamine、(+)-Valiolamine、1-epi-(+)-MK7607、1-epi-(-)-Streptol、(-)-Hygromycin A、Conduramine B-1、C-1、C-4、D-1、F-1與F-4及(-)-Laminitol的關鍵中間體駱宏杰; Lo, Hong-Jay-
-Chiral Acetate Enolate and Nitroso Synthons (II)楊圖信-
-(+)-Deoxypancratistatin 生物鹼的合成研究林國瑋-
-Design and Evaluation of Ti-Mg-Carbenoids and Chiral Catalysts for Organic Synthesis楊圖信-
-Development of A New Entry of Highly Nucleophilic and Selective Dibromomethyltitanium and Bromomethyltitanium Complexes and Synthetic studies toward (+)-Valienamine張書豪; Su-Haur Chang
-Developmentof Axially Dissymmetric Biphosphine and Asymmetric Synthesis of Narcissus Alkaloids楊圖信-
-Dichloromethane activation. Direct methylenation of ketones and aldehydes with CH2Cl2 promoted by Mg/TiCl4/THFYan, T.H.; 楊圖信; Tsai, C.C.; Chien, C.T.; Cho, C.C.; Huang, P.C.-
-Dichloromethane as an unusual methylene equivalent. A new entry of highly nucleophilic and selective titanium-methylene complexes for ester methylenationYan, T.H.; 楊圖信; Chien, C.T.; Tsai, C.C.; Lin, K.W.; Wu, Y.H.-
-High performance catalytic materials for heterogeneous oxidative organic functional group transformations文奇; Venkatesan, Shanmuganathan-
-Hypervalent Iodine Mediated Aziridination and Sulfoximination. Concise Synthesis of (+)- and (–)-Shikimic acids, (+)- and (–)-Quinic acids, (+)- and (–)-4-epi-Shikimic acids, (+)- and (–)-Phenylthioconduritol F, (+)- and (+)- and (–)-MK-7607 and Synthetic Studies toward (+)-Pancratistatin, (+)-trans-Dihydronarciclasine and (–)-Oseltamivir.安南丹; Bakthavachalam Ananthan
-(I)以二氯甲烷及四氯化碳衍生的“類亞甲體”導引羰基烯化和烯類及酯類的三元環化 (II)以1,1-二氯乙烯直接將酮丙烯化 (III)(+)-Retronecine 的合成研究簡敬庭; Chien, Ching-Ting-