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-Numerical Analysis on Landslide of an Inclined Soil Layer Caused by Rain InfiltrationChyan-Deng Jan; Shin-Lin Chen; Ssu-Yao Yang; 詹錢登; 陳新霖; 楊斯堯
-The Use of a Weight of Evidence Approach to Determine the Potential for the Occurrence of Debris-Flow in the Gaoping River BasinChiu-Yen He; Chyan-Deng Jan; Ssu-Yao Yang; 何秋燕; 詹錢登; 楊斯堯
-運用時雨量資料推估降雨沖蝕指數楊斯堯; 詹錢登; 黃文舜; 曾國訓