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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-The Analysis of The Impact of VIX on Portfolio Returns游嘉蓉; Yu, Chia-Rong-
-An empirical research of the domestic mutual funds momentum effect and the relationship between it's stock holding吳清池; Wu, Ching-Chih-
-The Fat-tailed Effect and Hedging Effectiveness of Taiwan Stock Index Futures for Relative GARCH Models朱佩霞; Chu, Pei-Hsia-
-The Impact of Financial Constraint and Default Risk on the Operating Performance after SEOs林美伶; Lin, Mei-Ling-
-The Impact of Foreign Exchange Risk on The Operation of Financial Institutions楊淑儀; Yang, Shu-Yi-
-LIBOR市場模型下異質利率交換商品之評價與分析曹舒菡; Tsao, Shu-Han-
-The Measurements of Value at Risk on TAIEX Futures張瑞竹; Chang, Jui-Chu-
-The Relationship between Financial Constraint and the Signal of Stock Splits劉宛姍; Liu, Wan-Shan-
-The Role of Institutional Investors in SEOs孫廷璽; Sun, Ting-Shi
-The Valuation and Comparison of Default Probability in the Taiwan Market-Use Multi-Period Structural and Reduced-Form Credit Risk Model蔡濰年; Tsai, Wei-Nian-
-α策略投資組合於金融風暴期間之研究賴麒安; Lai, Chi-An-
-上市櫃公司宣告與發行可轉換公司債對標的股價的影響李樺溶; Li, Hua-Rong-
-不同類型基金定期定額停利績效之實證研究Ting-Wei Chang; 張庭瑋
-以Geske結構式模型進行資本結構套利林依蓉; Lin, Yi-Jung-
-以賽局分析 DRAM 廠商在衰退期間的策略張祐誠; Zhang, Yu-Cheng-
-以選擇權評價模型衡量無外債國家之主權風險邱榆恒; Chiou, Yu-Heng-
-企業併購案之評價-元大併購寶來案陳岳嶺; Chen, Yueh-Ling
-企業建立新事業-原料藥案例分析葉俊麟; Yeh, Chun-Lin
-企業私募與系統性風險─貝他分解模式之應用Chung-Yi Lee; 李仲益
-企業融資後之營運績效─財務限制與違約風險Chia-Ching Hsieh; 謝家青