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-The Acquirer's Performance and M&As Activities - High Transaction Value Cases程小真; Chen, Cheng Hsiao-
-The Analysis of Covered Call Strategies - Evidence from TAIEX Futures and Options林明義; Lin, Ming-Yi-
-An analysis of Japanese earnings forecast revisions with application to seasoned equity offeringsCaton, G.L.; 楊聲勇; Chan, J.S.P.; Goh, J.; Yang, S.Y.-
-Analysis of underwriting mechanism reform on the primary market王筱君; Wang, Hsiao-Chun-
-Are Convertible Bonds Underpriced? An Empirical Analysis of the Taiwan Market呂雅菁; CHING, LU YA-
-Can Capital Investment Effect and Asset Growth Effect Explain the cross-sectional Stock Returns in Taiwan陳庭軒; Chen, Ting-Syuan-
-The Choice of International Listing and Financial Restructuring: A Case Study of Want-Want's Strategic Listing on HKEX黃淑華; Huang, Shu-Hua-
-Comovement of international financial markets: A wavelet analysis on commodity, currency and stock markets文郁承; Wen, Yu-Cheng-
-The Discounts and Dynamic Relationship between the Underlying Stocks and Their ADRs Listed in New York and Frankfurt楊聲勇-
-Do conflicts of interest really exist when lending banks are also stockholders?蔡函芳; Tsai, Han-Fang-
-Does Positive-feedback trading by institutional investors contribute to momentum effect in Taiwan黃翌彰; Huang, Yi-Chang-
-The Dynamic Transmission of Reinventing American Financial Crisis On International Stock Price Indices陳家蕎; Chen, Chia-Chiao-
-The Effect of Banking Structure on Relationship Lending盧萩榕; Lu, Chiu Lung-
-The Effects of Financial Crisis and Currency Risk on International Market Linkage:Some Evidence from ADRs and Their Underlying Stocks凌維君; Ling, Wei-Chun-
-Exploring the Macroeconomic Determinants of Stock Prices Using Dynamic Panel Data Model梁晉嘉; Liang, Chin-Chia-
-The factors affecting the forecast accuracy on EPS of stock brokerages-An empirical analysis from the characteristics of company and analystLin, Hung-Wei; 林泓瑋-
-Foreign exchange risk, world diversification and Taiwanese ADRsWang, A.T.; 楊聲勇; Yang, S.Y.-
-The Impact of Credit Rating Change Announcement on Stock Markets and Stock Recommendation陳佳慧; Chen, Chia-Hui-
-The Impacts of EMU on Major European Stock Markets: Evidences from VAR Models with Multiple Structural Changes蔡惠朱; Tsai, Hui-Chu-
-The Information Content of China-Concept Stocks Traded by Institutional Investors王敏鐘; Wang, Ming-Jhong-