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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-The Analysis and Study on the Soil and Water Conservation Problem of Mining in TaiwanHER, KANG LI; 康立和-
-Application of Markov Model on Monitoring Landslide Changes After Chi-Chi Earthquake-the case of Nantou CountyLian, Jung-Chi; 連榮吉-
-The Cure within a Prescribed Time Limit for Soil and Water Conversation ActChen, Yi-Chi; 陳奕集-
-The Debris Flow Screening Efficiency of the Screen Device with the Different Individual Clear Infiltration SpacingChen, Jeng-De; 陳政德-
-Effects of Different Tire-Surfaces and Impact Position on Cushion Efficiency of Wasted-Tireschou, wei-di; 周偉諦-
-Experiment and Analysis on Gully Control and Drainage Methods in Taiwan 1.Experiments and Analysis on Gully Control Measures劉正川; 何智武; 段錦浩-
-Experiment and Analysis on Gully Control and Drainage Methods in Taiwan 2. Experiment and Analysis on Drainage MethodsJeng-Chuan Liou; 段錦浩; Chih-Wu Ho; Ching-Hao Tuan; 劉正川; 何智武-
-An Experiment for the Debris Flow Screening Efficiency by the Screening Bar Length of the Plain Screen Device林彥志; chih, Lin yen-
-An experiment on the debris flow plain screening陳虹合-
-The experiment on the opening width and height of compound artificial sand dunes in fishway蘇國振-
-The Facilities for Solid Waste Landfill Field on The SlopelandLi, Ting-Zhu; 李庭柱-
-Habitat lmprovement Techniques for Aquatic Fishery :Experiences in Tachi River連惠邦; Chin-Lun Wang; 王晉倫; 段錦浩; 葉昭憲; Hui-Pang Lien; Ching-Hao Taun; Chao-Hsien Yeh-
-The Issue of The Scale for the Simplified Soil and Water Conservation Statement洪玉菁; Hung, Yu-Ching-
-Management Practices of Soil and Water Conservation LegislationCHEN, Chung-Kuang; 陳重光-
-Mechanics Analysis of Debris Flow on Retaining StructuresLin, Ching Hwa; 林清華-
-On the Impact Responses of Retaining Structures Due to Massive Rocks in Debris Flows Theory and Analytical Approaches余志鵬; Ching-Hao Tuan; 段錦浩; Chih-Peng Yu-
-Planning+for+the+Check+Dam+System+in+Upstream+WatershedChing-Hao Tuan; 段錦浩; Ching-Hao Tuan; 段錦浩
-The Properties with Different Intervals of artifical Sand Dunes on Fishwayho, wang ya; 王雅禾-
-The Properties with Reformatory Sieve Plate on Fishway葉順裕-
-The Sedimentation in the Horizontal Section of the FishwayFANG, WU MING; 吳明芳-