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-Competitive Advantage of Taiwan Yacht Industry章芳嘉; Fang-Chia Chang
-Issues in the Measures for Journal Influence宋長翰; Chang-Han Song
-Kernel Width Optimization for Faulty RBF Neural Networks with Multi-node Open FaultWang, H.J.; 沈培輝; Leung, C.S.; Sum, P.F.; Wei, G.-
-Modeling Service Systems謝宗桓; Zong-Huan Hsieh
-Models for Service System Design黃茂松; Mao-Song Huang
-MyNext:利用集體智慧開發適用於台灣研究所招生考試之社群查榜系統蔡智強; Tsai, Chih-Chiang-
-On Objective Function, Regularizer, and Prediction Error of a Learning Algorithm for Dealing With Multiplicative Weight NoiseSum, J.P.F.; 沈培輝; Leung, C.S.; Ho, K.I.J.-
-On the Selection of Weight Decay Parameter for Faulty NetworksLeung, C.S.; 沈培輝; Wang, H.J.; Sum, J.-
-Prediction error of a fault tolerant neural network沈培輝; Sum, J.; Leung, A.C.S.-
-Survey on Operations and Service Management李育雲; Yu-Yun Lee
-利用Weight Decay結合隨機Fault或加注雜訊的在線容錯訓練之特性研究沈培輝-
-利用Weight Decay結合隨機fault或加注雜訊的在線容錯訓練之特性研究(3)沈培輝-
-利用Weight Decay結合隨機Fault或加注雜訊的在線容錯訓練之特性研究(II)沈培輝-
-在多層感知器訓練時加入權重雜訊和權重衰減的研究梁晏綸; Liang, Yen-Lun-
-在女性市場中建立網路品牌之關鍵成功因素:以PayEasy公司為例賴鈺茹; Lai, Yu-Ju-
-容錯類神經網路之預測誤差研究王子晉; Wang, Zih-Jin-
-行動部落格之接受程度張家豪; Chang , Chia-Hao-