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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-Abundance-based similarity indices and their estimation when there are unseen species in samplesChao, A.; 沈宗荏; Chazdon, R.L.; Colwell, R.K.; Shen, T.J.-
-Application of Laplace's boundary-mode approximations to estimate species and shared species richnessChao, A.; 沈宗荏; Shen, T.J.; Hwang, W.H.-
-Community-level species' correlated distribution can be scale-independent and related to the evenness of abundanceChen, Youhua; Shen, Tsung-Jen; 沈宗荏; Condit, Richard; Hubbell, Stephen P
-The Effect on Junior High School Students' Learning regarding mathematics When Accompanying a Framework of Cooperative Learning to the typical teaching - A Case Study of Eighth Grade Students林佳瑩; Chia-Ying Lin
-Estimating the Number of Shared Species in Two Assemblages by Means of the Estimator of Species Richness in One Assemblage沈宗荏-
-Estimating the Population Total for Unequal Probability Sampling with Replacement沈宗荏-
-Estimation of the Overlap Index in Two Communities沈宗荏-
-Evaluation of the estimate bias magnitude of the Rao's quadratic diversity indexChen, Youhua; Wu, Yongbin; Shen, Tsung-Jen; 沈宗荏
-An incidence-based richness estimator for quadrats sampled without replacementShen, T.J.; 沈宗荏; He, F.L.-
-Rarefaction and extrapolation of species richness using an area-based Fisher's logseriesChen, Youhua; Shen, Tsung-Jen; 沈宗荏
-不歸還取樣模式下之種類數估計范詩佳; Fan, Shih-Chia-
-不歸還抽樣下的Shannon指標估計之模擬研究林芳如; Lin, Fang-Ru-
-以取後不放回模型估計棲地佔據率之模擬研究邱冠華; Ciou, Kuan-Hua-
-以視窗架構之二階層快速演算法估計改變點位置張國清; Chang, Kuo-Ching-
-估計特定物種佔據率之模擬研究吳錞婷; Wu, Chun-Ting-
-使用相加與相乘模式在線上穿越抽樣法修正量測誤差陳人吉; Chen, Jen-Chi-
-兩群落中共同種類數估計之模擬分析林信吉; Lin, Hish-Chi-
-利用均勻度指數辨別樹種分布情況的實務研究林宏達; Hong-Da Lin
-利用平滑方法估計大小多樣性之模擬研究張簡啟發; Chien, Chi-Fa Chang-