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-The Effects of Induced Response in Radish by Phyllotreta striolata (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) to Pieris rapae and Cotesia glomerata吳雨昂; Wu, Yu-Ang-
-Effects of methyl jasmonate application on induced resistance of different plant species and on performance and oviposition preference of Spodoptera lituraLo, Ju-Che; 羅儒哲-
-Spatial Variation of Foliar Chemicals within Brassicaceae Radish Plant, Raphanus sativus L. and Its Effect on Performance of a Generalist Insect, Spodoptera litura Fab.亞多夫; Yadav, Jitendra-
-Studies on infectivity of the green muscardine fungus, Metarihzium anisopliae, to the sweet potato weevil, Cylas formicarius徐芷婕; Shu, Chih-Chieh-
-The Study of Utilization the Parasitoid Wasp, Snellenius manilae (Ashmead) to Control Spodoptera litura (Fabricius)Ting, Rou-Shin; 丁柔心-
-Using of sex pheromone to interrupt mating of the Casuarina moth ( Lymantria xylina )Wang, Chien-Hua; 王千華-
-建構果樹安全生產體系黃裕銘; 賴守正; 王智立; 陳昱初; 陳文華; 蘇東生; 陳殿義; 安寶貞; 倪蕙芳; 洪巧珍; 洪士程; 溫宏治; 王鐘和; 郝秀花; 章加寶; 林永鴻; 余志儒; 許迪川; 蔡志濃-
-楊桃花姬捲葉蛾之生殖行為及其性費洛蒙組成份之鑑定與應用洪巧珍; Hung, Chau Chin-
-開發以生物晶片系統快速鑑別八種鱗翅目害蟲之方法Kuo, Hung-Mao; 郭竑懋-
-黃條葉蚤之生活史與其對植物誘導反應之研究林曉民; Lin, Shiao-Min-