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-802.11e無線網路之普瓦松增強分散式通道存取馬俊博; Ma, Chun-Po-
-802.11e無線網路之韋伯增強分散式通道存取吳哲彰; Wu, Che-Chang-
-802.11無線網路適應性公平增強分散式協調機制之後退機制研究鍾儒光; Chung, Ju-Kuang-
-802.11無線網路適應性公平增強分散式協調機制之競爭視窗值研究鄭啟彬; Cheng, Chi-Pin-
-Ad-Hoc Intelligent Environments Using Ubiquitous Sensing and Distributed Computing溫志煜-
-Ad-Hoc Position-Aware Sensor and Communication Networks for Reliable Surface Exploration溫志煜-
-Adaptive AOA-Aided TOA Self-Positioning for Mobile Wireless Sensor NetworkWen, C.Y.; 溫志煜; Chan, F.K.-
-Asynchronous two-way ranging using Tomlinson-Harashima precoding and UWB signalingWen, C.Y.; 溫志煜; Chen, J.K.; Sethares, W.A.-
-Autonomous Distributed Self-Organization for Mobile Wireless Sensor NetworksWen, C.Y.; 溫志煜; Tang, H.K.-
-Cooperative Anchor-Free Position Estimation for Hierarchical Wireless Sensor NetworksWen, C.Y.; 溫志煜; Hsiao, Y.C.; Chan, F.K.-
-Development of an Integrated System of Flight Information and Real-Time Images(I)鄧洪聲; 溫志煜-
-Distance estimation using bidirectional communications without synchronous clockingWen, C.Y.; 溫志煜; Morris, R.D.; Sethares, W.A.-
-Distributed Information Compression for Target Tracking in Cluster-Based Wireless Sensor NetworksLiao, Shi-Kuan; Lai, Kai-Jay; Tsai, Hsiao-Ping; Wen, Chih-Yu; 溫志煜
-Dynamic Hierarchical Sleep Scheduling for Wireless Ad-Hoc Sensor NetworksWen, C.Y.; 溫志煜; Chen, Y.C.-
-IEEE 802.11 無線網路以競爭視窗為基準之漫遊決策盧彥霖; Lu, Yen-Lin-
-IEEE 802.11 無線網路依碰撞率之漫遊決策戴證倫; Tai, Cheng-Lun-
-IEEE 802.11 無線網路漫遊之隨機掃描張詠盛; Chang, Yung-Sheng-
-IEEE 802.11 無線網路通道品質預測之漫遊決策賴彥呈; Lai, Yang-Cheng-
-IEEE 802.11e 混合協調功能通道控制存取之效能增強周磊; Chou, Lei-
-IEEE 802.11無線網路之隨機掃描換手模擬林忠成; Lin, Chung-Cheng-