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-AAO模板所製備的碎形金屬薄膜及其電性研究李其勳; Li, Chi-Shiun
-AC impedance study of vanadium doped oxide glasses containing different ionsChung-Jun Lin; 林宗俊
-AC susceptibility of Dy0.18 Ca0.82 (Fe0.92 Co0.08 As)2 superconductorSheng-Tai Kuo; 郭昇泰
-Ambipolar germanium nanowire transistors and their nonvolatile memory applicationsChao-Fu Chen; 陳昭福
-Amorphous Indium-Gallium-Zinc Oxide Film Ultraviolet SensorKuang-Lu Huang; 黃匡祿
-Anisotropic Hybrid Plasmonic WaveguideYu-Cheng Lo; 羅友成
-Applications of Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy Study in AgSbS2 quantum dot sensitized solar cellsChe - Shien Lin; 林哲賢
-Band Structure and Hole Mobility Calculation for Silicon-Germanium alloyWei-Ming Zeng; 曾韋銘
-Band structure and hole mobility calculations for Silicon-Carbon alloyZong-Bao Lin; 林宗保
-Characterizing sleep stages by fractal analysis on electroencephalographCheng-Shun Hung; 洪證順
-The charge transport in graphene excited by surface acoustic wavesRen-Hau Chang; 張仁豪
-Charge-discharge study of Li3V2 (PO4)3 battery using LiClO4 as electrolyteYi-Lang Lin; 林逸朗
-Charge-Discharge Study of Vanadium Phosphate Battery with Gel-typed ElectrolyteYen-Hao Huang; 黃彥浩
-A Circuit Model Analysis of Planar Single Crystalline Silicon Solar Cell and a Case Study of Energy Conversion of Photovoltaic SystemCheng-Hsien Yang; 楊承憲
-Coexistence of superconductivity and ferromagnetic in single crystals RExCa1-x(FePyAs1-y)2 (RE=La、Pr)Y.J.Ding; 丁映鈞
-The Conductivity Study of High Content Vanadium Oxide GlassesZheng-hong Chen; 陳正宏
-Cosmetic optimize study in direct-light-type backlight moduleYu-Chang Lu; 呂侑昌
-CuBiS2 solid state quantum dot-sensitized solar cellsChih-Feng Shih; 施志鋒
-CuS量子點的合成及其在半導體敏化太陽能電池之應用張恩竣; Chang, En-Chun-
-Designs of Polarizers Based on Hybrid Plasmonic Waveguide StructuresKen-Wei Chang; 張根維