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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-Consumer attitudes and interactive digital advertisingCheng, J.M.S.; 王世澤; Blankson, C.; Wang, E.S.T.; Chen, L.S.L.-
-Displayed emotions to patronage intention: consumer response to contact personnel performanceWang, E.S.T.; 王世澤-
-Effect of perceived justice of service recovery on consumer's trust commitment and positive word-of-mouth in restaurant industry: Gender as a moderatorChang, Shu-Yu; 張書瑜-
-Effect of product attribute beliefs of ready-to-drink coffee beverages on consumer-perceived value and repurchase intentionEdward S.-T. Wang; Jia-Rong Yu; 王世澤
-The effect of product attributes of packaged tea beverages and packaged coffee beverages on consumer perceived value and purchase intention.余佳蓉; Chia-Jung Yu
-The Effects of Browsing Frequency and Gender on the Relationship Between Perceived Control and Patronage Intentions in E-tailWang, E.S.T.; 王世澤-
-The Effects of Perceptions of Quality, Trust and Risk on Users' Continuance Intention of Location-based Services林潤蓮; Ruenn-Lien Lin
-The effects of personal, social and system factors on consumers'' use of group-buying websites to repurchase food.周佩諭; Chou, Pei-Yu-
-Examining social influence factors affecting consumer continuous usage intention for mobile social networking applicationsEdward Shih-Tse Wang; Nicole Pei-Yu Chou; 王世澤
-How work design characteristics affect service employees’ work–family conflictsEdward S.T. Wang; 王世澤-
-Internet Usage Purposes and Gender Differences in the Effects of Perceived Utilitarian and Hedonic ValueWang, E.S.T.; 王世澤-
-A study of the influence of the perceived stress on the healthy food's purchasing intentions李岳倫; Yueh-Luen Li
-Study on the Impact of Consumers' Brand Equity on Perceived Risk, Perceived Value and Purchase Intention - A Case Study of Steak in Restaurants黃宛婷; Wan-Ting Huang
-Suppliers' willingness of customization, effective communication, and trust: a study of switching cost antecedentsYen, Y.X.; 王世澤; Wang, E.S.T.; Horng, D.J.-
-個人特質與社會規範對消費者購買健康食品意圖之影響朱韻璇; Yun-Hsuan Chu
-創業家精神對服務創新、顧客知覺價值、顧客滿意度和再惠顧意圖之影響-以民宿經營者為例阮佩宜; Juan, Pei-Yi-
-台灣中小型糖果代工製造業競爭策略之探討呂宜安; Lu, Yi-An-
-探討消費者動機、社會規範對消費者綠色態度與行為意圖影響李芳瑀; Fang-Yu Li
-探討關係結合、關係承諾及離職意圖之關係-以餐飲業的情緒勞務員工為例張嘉文; Chang, Chia-Wen-